Apple Is Expanding Its ‘Big-Ass’ North Carolina Data Center Again


Apple's “big-ass” data center in North Carolina. Photo: Engadget
(Credit: Engadget)

Apple’s already “big-ass” North Carolina data center is about to get even bigger.

Based on an erosion permit filed with Catawba County on Wednesday, Apple is looking to build an additional structure onto the side of its existing already enormous complex. Made of precast concrete wall panels, along with steel columns, this add-on is set to add 14,246 square feet, and be around 25 ft tall.

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Apple Goes Green – Solar Farm In Reno To Power New Data Center

solar array Apple

In order to supply power to its new data center in Reno, Nevada, Apple plans to build a solar array in collaboration with NV Energy, a Nevada utility company. The energy farm should power the data center as well as the surrounding community, says Apple.

This new solar plant is right in line with Apple’s efforts to use as much renewable energy as possible in its facilities. The site in Cork, Ireland is powered by wind and sites in Elk Grove, California as well as Austin are completely powered by green energy as well, which is pretty darn cool.

Aerial Photos Show Apple’s Oregon Data Center Will Be In Facebook’s Backyard



Unlike Facebook and Google, when Apple decides to build a huge new data center, they’re not going to let anybody inside to see the technological marvels that they’ve cooked up. Apple just broke ground on a $68 million data center in Prinveville, Oregon, so rather than waiting forever to get an invite to tour the place, Wired sent out their spy plane to get some pictures.

Only a few parts of the data center have been completed, but it is interesting how close Apple is building their data center to Facebook’s gigantic new twin data center. Maybe being neighbors will help the two companies become best friends.

Here’s the pics of the future iCloud of the West.