Get a rare peek inside Apple’s green data center



Having turned over a new leaf when it comes sustainability, Apple is rightly proud.

So proud, in fact, that it made the surprisingly un-Apple move of opening the doors of its North Carolina data center to NBC’s show, to shine a focus on the building’s pioneering use of renewable energy.

Having previously scored dead last in a Greenpeace report on environmentally-friendly data centers, Apple has been dedicated to clearing up its act these past few years.

It seems to have paid off, too. In a recent report on renewable energy used by major Internet companies, Apple scored a tippy-top 100% thanks to the wind farms and solar arrays that mean its data centers run on 100% renewable energy.

To celebrate, Apple’s vice president of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson gave NBC chief environmental correspondent Anne Thompson a brief tour of the data center. The footage can be seen below:

“We think this is an opportunity for us and for our sector to leave it better than we find it, to actually help people convert to cleaner energy without even knowing they’re doing it,” Jackson says.

Apple recently expressed similar sentiments in its “Better” ad to celebrate Earth Day.

Tim Cook has been the driving force behind Apple’s focus on sustainability — having been outspoken about his desire for Apple to be a “force for good” in the world.

Source: Today

  • Sam Doohickey

    Of all the morning shows, why Today? They’re such a bunch of douchebags.

    Matt Lauer’s response and contribution to this piece is how ‘cold’ it is in the studio. He’s King Douchebag!

    And what’s up with the crappy video quality. Those old farts running NBC haven’t clued into the fact that HD is, and has been, the default resolution for the past 10 years. On top of that NBC is owned by Comcast. What gives?

    Oh right, Comcast hates any kind of web streaming or video. They pine for the old days of 1993 when downloads crawled along and cable was King. They’re actively waging war against net neutrality in an effort to ‘double-dip’ on video streaming. You pay for the service, and now they want the streamer to also pay for the service. In essence, they’re a bunch of douchebags too! Their cable boxes suck down 300 Watts/hr with no ‘real’ turn-off switch. They contribute 5 million tons of CO2 a year to the atmosphere. Now they’re reporting on how Apple does it better than anyone else. The Romans had Nero, we have Comcast.

  • Ironic that you’ve chosen to embed a flash video so your target audience can’t actually watch it… Sigh…