Why iOS and Mac OS X Won’t Ever Merge, But Can Still Learn From Each Other [Opinion]



It is a popularly held belief that one day Mac OS X and iOS are destined to merge into one OS to rule them all. When Apple announced last October that Lion, the next major update of Mac OS X would feature some of the best ideas from iOS, it only added to the convergence speculation.

But are Apple’s two operating systems really destined to converge? After all, they both seem to be doing very well by themselves. The Mac may benefit from some iOS features, but it’s hardly struggling on its own. Mac sales are stronger than ever. So what exactly would the advantages be?

CES: T12 iPod Speaker Sounds So Good, Company Refuses To Demo It


Orbitsound's T12 Stereo Soundbar sounds so good, the company refuses to demo it on the show floor. "It just won't do it justice," said a spokesman.

LAS VEGAS — Orbitsound claims its T12 Soundbar sounds so good, they refused to demo it on the show floor.

“It just won’t do it justice,” said Ted Fletcher, founder of Orbitsound, which is based in London.

“It’ll revolutionize the way you listen to music,” he added.