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CES: Tiffen Releases Steadicam Smoothee For iPhone 3GS



LAS VEGAS — OK, you got your iPhone 3GS. You record your video. It shakes and wobbles and wibbles all over the place, but no-one minds because that’s what they expect from hand-held video recording.

Not any more, though.

The Smoothee is a Steadicam for your iPhone made by Tiffen, the same people who do Steadicams for Hollywood. A super-light metal frame with quick-release grip to hold the phone itself; a rigid vertical handle; and the Steadicam stabilization technology that keeps the camera still and steady while you’re moving it around.

The iPhone grip also detaches for use as a desktop support, or it can be attached to a standard tripod.

The guys at CameraTown.com point out that this isn’t the first steady-video device for iPhone. iSteady Shot was there first. It costs just under $100; the Smoothee, with its more refined curves, is likely to cost rather a lot more.

Pro-standard Steadicams for professional film-makers cost tens of thousands. Here’s hoping that this more consumer-oriented gadget will have a more consumer-oriented price, since Tiffen hasn’t yet seen fit to publish one. The Smoothee should be available to buy later in the spring.