Of All the Cases At CES, Ivyskin’s SmartCase Stood Out


Ivyskin's Federa Hedayatnia with the SmartCase. The iPhone case has a removable backplate that can be swapped for a rechargeable battery or a card carrier.

Of all the cases at CES, Ivyskin’s SmartCase looked to be one of the best. Made from tough polycarbonate in a range of colors, the SmartCase is a nice-looking iPhone/iPod case with a removable back plate that can be swapped out for an interchangeable battery pack (hit the jump for more photos of Ivskin’s Federa Hedayatnia showing how it works).

The interchangeable battery doubles the iPhone’s battery life, the company claims. When connected, the external battery drains before the iPhone/iPt’s built-in battery.

The case also features a tempered glass screen that doesn’t interfere with the iPhone/iPt multitouch controls. The SmartCase costs $44.95, or $79.99 with the interchangeable battery. An optional card holder, which can also be swapped out for the backplate, holds up to four credit cards or a small stack of business cards.

Slide off the SmartCase's backplate...

...and slide on the interchangeable battery pack.