CES: T12 iPod Speaker Sounds So Good, Company Refuses To Demo It


Orbitsound's T12 Stereo Soundbar sounds so good, the company refuses to demo it on the show floor. "It just won't do it justice," said a spokesman.

LAS VEGAS — Orbitsound claims its T12 Soundbar sounds so good, they refused to demo it on the show floor.

“It just won’t do it justice,” said Ted Fletcher, founder of Orbitsound, which is based in London.

“It’ll revolutionize the way you listen to music,” he added.

Six speakers reproduce the music in mono, while a pair of speakers on either end reproduce spatial sound.

Instead, Orbitsound has set up a soundproof room on the CES show floor where listeners can go to enjoy the T12’s airSOUND technology, which delivers true spatial stereo sound without stereo speakers, according to Fletcher.

“Unlike traditional stereo speakers, there is no sweet spot,” Fletcher said. “Everywhere is the sweet spot. It’s the same stereo image wherever you go in the room.”

Instead of broadcasting to two stereo channels, the T12 splits the music into sound and spatial information, Fletcher said. Six speakers in front blast out mono sound, while a pair of speakers at the sides project sound in space.

Featuring a built-in iPod dock and a honking big subwoofer, the T12 Soundbar will replace a 5.1 home theater system, Fletcher claimed. The T12 has been on sale in the Uk for about six months and has garnered favorable reviews. It’s currently sold out. It will be coming to the U.S in the summer for about $350.

At CES, the company is also demonstrating a prototype internet radio and it’s T3 Mobile Stereo Speaker, a portable battery-powered iPhone/iPod speaker.

Orbitsound's Harvinder Hungin handles the T3 Mobile Speaker, which he says his kids like better then bigger, more powerful iPod stereo systems.
Orbitsound's prototype internet radio will also be coming to the U.S. later this year.