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Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ HQ could have been called the Steve Jobs Campus

What the finished product will look like.

The Steve Jobs Campus?

If Apple’s former CEO had been more sentimental, we’d be referring to the company’s upcoming “Spaceship” headquarters as the Steve Jobs campus, according to an interesting tidbit in Stephen Fry’s Telegraph article about Jony Ive’s promotion.

While being given a tour of the rapidly advancing Apple Campus 2 site, Fry suggested it should be named after Jobs, who died in 2011 but was heavily involved with the early stages of planning.

“Oh, Steve made his views on that very clear,” said Tim Cook — hinting that the idea was discussed, but that Jobs wasn’t a massive fan of it.

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Drone flyover video shows Apple campus coming along nicely


Close encounters of the Apple campus kind: the company’s new HQ as it will look on completion.

More than a year after Apple broke ground on its futuristic “spaceship” Apple Campus 2, we have another progress report courtesy of a new drone flyover video from Myithz.

As you can see from the video (which looks absolutely stunning on a 5K iMac, thanks to its high resolution), the forthcoming Apple headquarters is really starting to take shape now, as building continues on the $5 billion campus.

Check it out after the jump:

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Kobe Bryant says making an iPhone isn’t too different than developing your hoops game


Facing the end of his long, dominant NBA career, Kobe Bryant is branching out into the business world with Kobe Inc., and while he’s picked the brains of people like Oprah, Hillary Swank and Arianna Huffington, it was a meeting with Jony Ive at Apple Campus earlier this summer that caught the web’s attention.

What could one of the greatest basketball players of all-time learn from the world’s most famous designer? According to an interview with Bloomberg, the Black Mamba simply wanted to know how Ive approaches design and how he manages to see the world differently than everyone that makes hardware.

An NBA superstar reaching out to the world’s tech designer for help sounds like an odd fit, but Bryant says building an iPhone isn’t too different from developing a world-class basketball game because like building products, you approach both sequentially, piece by piece, to make it unstoppable.

Here’s the full interview:

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Spaceship Campus Construction To Cause Cupertino Car Congestion

Apple Campus 2 Rendered

Apple watchers and employees might be excited about the forthcoming Apple 2 campus, but its development may not prove so popular with drivers.

For the next phase of construction on Apple’s massive 176-acre campus, work will require lane closures on surrounding streets of the campus site — meaning that traffic will be redirected through Cupertino.

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Israeli Prime Minister Gets A Tour Of The Apple Campus [Video]

Israeli Prime Minister Gets A Tour Of The Apple Campus [Video]

Earlier this week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Tim Cook for a lunch as part of his tour of the United States.

In the aftermath of the Wednesday meeting, the Prime Minister uploaded a short video clip to his YouTube channel, offering a brief inside glimpse of the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

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This Is What A City Designed By Apple Would Look Like [Gallery]

(Credit: Alfred Twu)

(Credit: Alfred Twu)

Responding to the tech industry’s effect on San Francisco housing, Bay Area artist Alfred Twu has taken it upon himself to show what Silicon Valley tech campuses might look like if they converted their parking lots into accommodation for their employees.

Alongside mini-cities for Facebook and Google, Twu created these designs for iTown — with 13,000 apartments for Apple’s 13,000 Cupertino employees, ajoining the new Apple 2 campus.

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Drinking Coffee With Tim Cook Will Cost You $50,000 But It’s For A Good Cause


If you dream of chilling with your homie Tim Cook in the morning and grabbing coffee but never had the chance to meet Silicon Valley’s most powerful CEO, then here’s your chance.

Tim Cook is auctioning off 30min-1hour of his time for Proceeds go to support the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, and you’ll get to hangout with Tim at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Who knows. Maybe if you woo him he’ll show you the latest iWatch prototype.

The current bid is set at $5,250 but the estimated value of the prize is $50,000. The winner will get to bring themselves and 1 guest to coffee-time with Tim, but don’t expect to get too cozy with Tim as the auction details explain you’ll have to undergo a security screening before you get close to him, and he’s not going to pay for your hotel and airplane either.

Tim Cook Says Apple Should Break Ground On Spaceship Campus This Year

Apple's Spaceship campus won't be ready in 2015 as originally planned.

Apple’s Spaceship campus won’t be ready in 2015 as originally planned.

Steve Jobs pitched the idea of an Apple spaceship-like campus in the summer of 2011. He said that the project would be completed by 2015, but there have been a couple delays that have pushed the project back a little farther.

During today’s annual shareholders meeting, Tim Cook addressed the reports that the new campus won’t be ready in 2015, and said that they should break ground soon and be ready to move in by 2016.

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Apple Just Bought A Ton Of Land In Texas For Austin Campus Expansion

Apple Just Bought A Ton Of Land In Texas For Austin Campus Expansion

Over the last couple of months Apple has been trying to secure a real estate deal that will allow them to expand their Austin, Texas campus and bring an additional 3,600 new jobs to the area. Recent records show that Apple purchased three large tracts of land adjacent to their current campus, that will allow the company to expand and make good on their plans to invest $304 million in the area.

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Apple Submits Revised Plans For Its New ‘Spaceship’ Campus, Including New Rendering

Apple Submits Revised Plans For Its New ‘Spaceship’ Campus, Including New Rendering

We first heard about Apple’s new “spaceship” campus when the company’s co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, presented its plans at the Cupertino City Council Meeting on June 7. The company has now submitted revised plans for the campus, in addition to a new rendering.

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