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Apple objects to RadioShack data selloff


Everything must (or must not) go.

RadioShack’s bankruptcy proceedings have hit another interesting bump; Apple has joined the states of Texas and Tennessee in trying to prevent the liquidating company from selling off its customers’ data.

The latest complaint is just one more obstacle to RadioShack’s already checkered attempts to go out of business.

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Here’s what your Apple Watch can do with nothing but Wi-Fi

Apple Watch

Sometimes, it’s okay to leave the phone at home.

Your Apple Watch doesn’t need an iPhone to make it whole.

The new wearable is capable of performing a variety of tasks without a tether to your phone. All it needs is a connection to a familiar Wi-Fi network, and you can start putting it to use even if its iPhone buddy isn’t around.

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Apple’s new patent could supercharge Touch ID

Touch ID

Someday, you might be running everything from your Home button.

Apple filed a patent application today that could someday help you use Touch ID to run everything on your iPhone or iPad without covering the screen with your fat digits.

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Design nerds will love this beautiful Apple Watch schematic

If you think the Apple Watch is good-looking now, wait until you see it with lines and numbers everywhere.

If you think the Apple Watch is good-looking now, wait until you see it with lines and numbers everywhere.

If you’d like to see the Apple Watch in a cool new way, we have something to show you.

Apple created the below Apple Watch assembly drawing as part of its Made for Apple Watch program, which supports designers who are interested in creating third-party bands for the new wearable. It includes guidelines, notes and measurements of every part of the Watch, but mostly it’s just beautiful to behold.

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Broadcom’s Internet of Things platform gains HomeKit support

HomeKit is all about letting your things talk to your other things.

HomeKit is all about letting your things talk to your other things.

HomeKit just gained a powerful new partner: Communication firm Broadcom announced yesterday that its WICED (“Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices”) software now offers full support with Apple’s connected-accessory framework.

WICED is the first software development kit to meet HomeKit’s standards for Wi-fi and Bluetooth Smart, which gives it a head start over other companies looking to get in on Apple’s platform.

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All developers can now access the App Analytics beta

App Analytics

Now’s your chance, every iOS developer.

Patient iOS developers haven’t had long to wait for their time with Apple’s new App Analytics tool; the beta is now open to everyone with an iTunes Connect Admin, Finance, or Sales account.

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NBA all-star Chris Bosh flaunts Apple Watch on TV

Chris Bosh Apple Watch

NBA star Chris Bosh just casually flashing his Apple Watch on Inside the NBA.

Samsung may be the official sponsor of the NBA, but the Apple Watch is stealing the show.

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Steve Jobs actor still uses a broken iPhone 4

Michael Fassbender

Even his Ancient Greek character in 300 had a 5s.

Michael Fassbender is a lot of things: actor, producer, Magneto … but one thing he isn’t is on the cutting edge of technology.

The man playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic from director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) confessed in a recent interview that he is a little behind the times, phone-wise.

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Terminated worker fires back at company’s 24/7 monitoring

Xora's app is at the center of the privacy argument.

The Xora StreetSmart app. Photo: Xora

A woman claims her employer wrongfully fired and retaliated against her for deleting a location-tracking app from her company-issued iPhone, and she’s taking her case to court.

Myrna Arias, formerly of money-transfer company Intermex, took issue with how the bosses were using productivity software Xora, which includes GPS tracking to monitor and optimize business travel. She claims that her higher-ups were using the data to keep tabs on her and coworkers even during off hours and that they terminated her shortly after she removed the offending app.

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Greenpeace awards Apple straight A’s for energy policy

Apple's upcoming Campus 2 is basically a big monument to its energy policy. Photo: Apple

Apple’s upcoming Campus 2 is basically a big monument to its energy policy. Photo: Apple

A new report from environmental organization Greenpeace has given Apple top marks for its policies and movement toward renewable energy.

The 72-page document by senior policy analyst Gary Cook and media officer David Pomerantz serves as an evaluation of current corporate activities, a summary of the state of renewable tech and progress, and a roadmap for how to institute less wasteful programs moving forward.

Apple, which is currently building an environmentally friendly second campus in Cupertino was one of three “Green Internet Innovators” shown on the graphic below, which groups companies from least to most environmentally friendly.

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