Budget-friendly smartbulb wants everyone to have cool lights


Qube Smartbulb
The Qube Smartbulb is taking on more expensive lighting like Philips Hue.
Photo: Qube

I love my Philips Hue smart-lighting kit, but every time I’ve just randomly turned my living-room lights different colors in front of another person, they’ve asked the same question:

“How much did you pay for this?”

And then I just kind of mumble something because while the system has added convenience and versatility to my apartment, I’m still not super comfortable admitting that I plan on paying $60 for a light bulb. Instead, I just say, “It was for work,” and leave it.

But Qube, a new smart-lighting system that launches in April, wants to avoid that kind of awkwardness with bulbs that cost way less than its competitors but offer just as many opportunities for just the weirdest ambience you can design.

New Apple TV ad taps into Muppet bromance


Apple TV ad Muppets
Apple's betting it's impossible to say no to that face.
Photo: ABC

Apple TV owners can watch ABC on their streaming boxes (with a subscription), and the company isn’t afraid to exploit the undying, platonic love between a bear and a frog to make that fact known.

The latest Apple TV ad showcases the Watch ABC app, which lets existing cable subscribers watch full episodes and live broadcasts of the network’s programming, including The Muppets. The puppet-driven show features prominently in the new, 15-second spot which went live today.

Check it out below:

Apple Watch tops holiday list for IBM’s Watson


iBM Watson
IBM's supercomputer Watson isn't just good at Jeopardy.
Photo: IBM

If you’ve watched any YouTube videos lately, you might have learned that IBM’s Watson supercomputer is a big fan of Bob Dylan, even though the deep-learning machine can’t carry a tune. But we can also add the Apple Watch to Watson’s list of likes, as the wearable has topped the think-bot’s list of items trending this holiday.

These results come from a brand-new, free app that collects and analyzes customer sentiment from across the Internet.

Apple Watch dominates list of 10 most wanted smartwatches


Apple Watch OS2 respond to email
It's nice to be wanted -- Apple Watch is blowing away the competition heading into the holiday season.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

A new report from analytics firm Argus Insights puts the Apple Watch well ahead of its competitors heading into the all-important holiday season.

Four of the 10 most favorably reviewed smartwatches on the market are Apples. More surprisingly, however, is that price doesn’t seem to be a factor.

Kanga Hoodie sports single, iPad Pro-sized pocket


Kanga Hoodie
The Kanga Hoodie contains the biggest pocket you've ever seen.
Photo: KickShark

The appropriately named Kanga Hoodie drops the recent trend of fitting as many little pockets as we can into everything in favor of one huge pocket that goes all the way around your body.

The project is looking for some cash from crowdfunding site Kickstarter to finish production, and it’s looking to do some good in the process.