Psychologists explain phantom notifications and ‘ringxiety’


iphone-4-closeup by alejandro escamilla ringxiety
Give it up, man. It's not actually ringing.
Photo: Alejandro Escamilla/Unsplash

More often than I care to admit, I’ll think I feel a tap from my Apple Watch. But then when I check the screen, I’ve received nothing: no texts, no phone calls, no notifications of any kind. It’s really weird and makes me feel like I’m finally losing it.

I usually just assume the watch shifted a little on my wrist, and that I’m not hallucinating at all. But psychologists are suggesting that what’s happening to me and others (you can admit it; this is a safe place) may be the technological arm of some actual psychological issues dealing with attachment, fear of rejection, and a chronic need for validation.

People are calling this symptom “ringxiety” because I’m pretty sure that we’ve really lost our sense of pride in portmanteaus as a culture.

Emoji becomes art in ‘Tiny Gallery’ on Twitter


Gallery by Ryan McGuire - Pixabay tiny gallery
Tiny Gallery is like this but, like, way smaller.
Photo: Ryan McGuire/Pixabay

A new Twitter account called Tiny Gallery will fill your feed with cute scenes from the world’s smallest art space. But it doesn’t use photographs to take you there.

Instead, the creator uses a combination of punctuation marks and emojis to build and paint walls, hang pieces, and populate the little place with visitors. And it’s exactly as cute as it sounds.

Apple is finally fixing Siri’s abortion ‘glitch’


Maps hasn't been as helpful as it should be for some searches.
Photo: Apple

Apple is finally correcting an issue with Siri that it has known about since at least 2011.

The problem has appeared when users ask the virtual assistant to show nearby facilities that offer abortion services. For years, the results have directed people toward adoption centers, which is kind of the opposite of what they were looking for.

Apple says it’s made improvements to the search algorithm since it first identified the problem, but some users are still getting the undesired suggestions.

Stack blocks to save the galaxy’s cutest robot in clever Atomi


The day I don't want to help a cute robot is the day I stop living.
Photo: Studio Baikin

If you can look Atomi‘s super-cute robot hero in his single, perfectly round eye and say that you don’t want to help him get home, then you may be a monster. I’m sorry you had to hear it from me.

Atomi needs to gather atoms to repair his busted spaceship, but he has a few things in his way. Specifically, he can’t climb or jump, and some of those things he needs are on very tall platforms. But that’s where you come in. And the time you spend getting the little ‘bot where he needs to be is both fun and charming as it sounds.

Major U.S. banks aim at killing ATM cards


Apple Pay is awesome, but where do they accept it?
Your iPhone may be holding even more cards in its Wallet this year.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

One day, your iPhone or Apple Watch could actually start dispensing money.

It’ll be your own money coming out of an ATM, but it’s still cool.

Officials at Bank of America and Wells Fargo have dropped hints that they have their eyes on incorporating Apple Pay into near-field-communication-equipped teller machines. Neither company is prepared to say when or how widely this will happen, but considering they’re two of the largest banks in the United States, this could be a big deal.