iPhone 7 concepts have vastly different takes on the future

New iPhone 7 concepts have vastly different takes on the future


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Some iPhone 7 concepts are more likely for realization than others.
Photo: Marek Weidlich

Now that Apple has ruined all of our fun by showing us what the iPhone SE looks like, we can go back to obsessing over iPhone 7 concepts. We have two new ones for you to check out; one of them seems way more likely than the other, but they’re equally fun.

We’re sure these won’t be the last iPhone 7 concepts we’ll see before we get our first look at the new hotness later this year, but these ones are interesting because they take different approaches to their designs.

Marek Weidlich’s offering, “vision Next,” looks like it draws inspiration from auto-manufacturing pioneer Henry Ford. When describing his Model T, Ford famously said that “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” Weidlich’s version of the next iPhone is available in one color (silver), one size (4.7″), and only has two storage options: 64GB and 256GB.

It’s not all restrictive, however. Vision Next also has a display that covers the entire face of the device, Galaxy Edge-style, which means that Apple would be able to offer a smaller form factor while keeping the screen the same size as the one on the current iPhone 6 and 6s. And all of those limits have some thought behind them.

“Nowadays, a mobile phone is considered a fashion accessory, available in several colors and sizes, and people are trying to express their status with it,” Weidlich says in his video’s description. “I disagree, and that is why I was trying to avoid this idea in my project. My goal was to devise a design language that would be able to stay fresh for several years, and
therefore the gap between the release of each iPhone would increase from two to at least four years. Therefore, I see the future in the creation of only one and perfect prototype, which will have the functional period of four years.

“One size, one color, and refined design and technology, which will dazzle you at first sight.”

So it isn’t so much an iPhone 7 concept as it is a “let’s scratch all this and start over” concept, but it’s still a cool idea.

This second video is by Geert van Uffelen, and it’s all about what we’ve heard about the iPhone 7. So unlike Weidlich’s vision, this one makes a point of showing off all the pretty colors and variations we’re likely to see in the actual model.

Uffelen’s iPhone 7 sports a dual-lens camera, like we’ve heard. It also has dual speakers, which have also been in the news. And sadly, we can’t find a headphone jack anywhere in this thing, so Uffelen supposes Apple will make that call, too.

We do like how those two last features provide some great symmetry on the bottom of the phone, but we’re not sure that’s worth having to buy all-new earbuds.

Other designers are sure to post up their own iPhone 7 concepts in the next few months ahead of an official announcement sometime this summer, and we’ll probably keep sharing them because speculation will always be more fun than a press briefing.


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