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The iPhone 6 has finally been approved for sale in China

iPhone6 Plus. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

iPhone6 Plus. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

China was left off the list of initial iPhone 6 launch partners, but according to a report from Reuters, the bending sensation that’s taken over the US and Europe is finally ready to hit mainland China.

Apple has cleared the final regulatory hurdle for its bigger than big device, and finally received a licence from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to be used on China’s wireless networks.

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It’s not just you: iCloud services are down


Update: After nearly two hours of downtime, iCloud services have been restored.

If you’ve been having trouble accessing some of iCloud’s services this afternoon, you are not alone.

Apple’s System Status page is showing that some iCloud users are unable to access all of the service’s features and have been unable to do so for about an hour.

We’ve received reports from users across the U.S. that iCloud is unavailable to them, and many other Apple users in other countries are reporting the same issue. An official statement on what’s caused the outage has not been released by Apple, though some reports have theorized that the company’s iCloud facility in North Carolina is facing issues.

We’ve reach out to Apple for comment, but for now there is no ETA on when iCloud will be up and running again for all users.

Apple seeds iOS 8.1 beta 1 to developers


Apple has seeded the first major update to iOS 8 to developers this afternoon with the release of iOS 8.1 beta 1, along side a new build of Xcode 6 .1 beta 3 and a pre-release version of Apple TV Software that includes support for Family Sharing and can be used to test AirPlay and HomeKit in iOS apps.

The release notes don’t mention any new features that may have been added to the software, but lists a number of bug fixes. We’ll let you know what type of new goodies we find once we get it install on our devices. The new beta can be download from the iOS Developer Center or via the direct download links below.

Here are the direct download links:

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Apple poaches Visa’s NFC payments expert to expand Apple Pay in Europe


Apple Pay, the new mobile payments system that unshackles iPhone users their wallets – will only be available in the U.S. when it launches next month, but Apple’s is already hiring a team to expand its mobile payments into Europe.

Mary Carol Harris has been poached away from Visa by Apple where she was the director of mobile at Visa Europe since 2008, and she’s also got some expertise with NFC too.

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Ooh la la: Apple Watch might hit runways at Paris Fashion Week


Apple is diving wrists first into the fashion industry next year with its first ever timepiece, and what better way for the Apple Watch strut its stuff for the public than at in front of the worlds most intolerable fashionistas at fashion week in Paris?

The first public showing of the Apple Watch might take place tomorrow, reports MacPlus, which spotted an announcement from the Parisian fashion boutique Colette (which sells a ton of fashionable watches), advertising a one day only experience in partnership with Apple.

Take a look at the subtle Apple Watch hint in the invite below:

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Retina iMacs are ‘incredibly likely’ to appear at next Apple event

New 27-inch Retina iMacs will usher in a new age of Ultra HD displays.

New 27-inch Retina iMacs will usher in a new age of Ultra HD displays.

The iMac is Apple’s only machine that hasn’t gone Retina, but a new report claims the wait is almost over for the desktop beast — Apple is “incredibly likely” to announce its new Retina iMac next month.

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iPhone maker Foxconn invests $811 million toward building electric cars


Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is notorious for its empire of iPhone-assembling employees and robots, but the electronics manufacturer is looking to shift gears, by building a dirt cheap electric car, and it’s already investing $811 million to speed up the process.

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iOS 8’s anti-tracking feature only works if you turn off cellular data


Apple added a new feature to iOS 8 that makes it harder for retailers to track your location by snooping info broadcast over WiFi, but after digging into the MAC randomization feature, a security researcher has found some bad news: it only works if you’ve got cellular data turned off.

The Mac randomization feature which debuted at WWDC, promises to limit retailers’ abilities to track your iPhone when you go to the mall, by sending a random MAC address, instead of the code can be used to grab your iPhone’s unique device ID and location, but users will have to turn off their cellular data connection to start broadcasting random MAC addresses.

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Crystal Baller: Gold Fanless MacBook Airs and 6 other crazy Apple rumors

LG tweeted its Bendgate joke from an iPhone


Brands were quick to pile on the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate controversy this week with a heavy serving of scathing tweets and jokes, except in LG’s case, it can’t get enough iPhone either.

LG – makers of the curved LG G Flex smartphone – bragged on Twitter that its phone “doesn’t bend, it flexes… on purpose,” but like countless of ignorant celebrities and brands before them,  their social media mavens didn’t know we can all see their belly busting joke was crafted on an iPhone.

Using an app like Tweetdeck or Tweetbot you can see that the joke was posted using Twitter for iPhone. Which iPhone they were using is anyone’s guess, but I hope they’re taking a few design lessons from it so they can finally start using their own phones someday.