What The ‘iPhone 5C’ Will Really Look Like [Humor]


The budget iPhone 5 is definitely happening, and with the seemingly infinite amount of rear-case leaks we pretty much already know what it’s going to look like before Apple even announces it. But, what if those questionable ‘iPhone 5C’¬†cases weren’t just packaging?

Introducing the iPhone 5’s obese evil twin: the iPhone 5C.

The screen is definitely an upgrade from the original iPhone 5C prototype.

  • Gadget

    That was funny…..still chuckling

  • lwdesign1

    With that amount of internal space, it could have a gargantuan battery and talk time of about a week. The C in 5C would stand for “chunky”. It would be hell trying to get it into and out of your jeans pocket, but it makes me think that I’d be OK for a slightly thicker iPhone if it would give me longer battery life.

  • ErinsDad

    Add a 12″ ‘rubber duck’ antenna from Radio Shack, 1.5 lbs of lead, and the Motorola ‘Brick’ lives on!

  • MacMyDay

    Probably will have an awesome battery life.

  • Zach Castagnola

    The C stands for Cheap

  • ctt1wbw

    The iPhone 5s stands for Sloth. Therefore, Sloth love Chunk!

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