What The ‘iPhone 5C’ Will Really Look Like [Humor]




The budget iPhone 5 is definitely happening, and with the seemingly infinite amount of rearcase leaks we pretty much already know what it’s going to look like before Apple even announces it. But, what if those questionable ‘iPhone 5C’ cases weren’t just packaging?

Introducing the iPhone 5’s obese evil twin: the iPhone 5C.

The screen is definitely an upgrade from the original iPhone 5C prototype.


Source: Ferry Passchier

  • Gadget

    That was funny…..still chuckling

  • lwdesign1

    With that amount of internal space, it could have a gargantuan battery and talk time of about a week. The C in 5C would stand for “chunky”. It would be hell trying to get it into and out of your jeans pocket, but it makes me think that I’d be OK for a slightly thicker iPhone if it would give me longer battery life.

  • ErinsDad

    Add a 12″ ‘rubber duck’ antenna from Radio Shack, 1.5 lbs of lead, and the Motorola ‘Brick’ lives on!

  • MacMyDay

    Probably will have an awesome battery life.

  • Zach Castagnola

    The C stands for Cheap

  • ctt1wbw

    The iPhone 5s stands for Sloth. Therefore, Sloth love Chunk!