Big iOS Titles Go Free As App Store Celebrates Fifth Anniversary


Apple has lost its third appeal for ownership of the term App Store in Oz. Photo: Apple
The App Store celebrates its firth anniversary this week.

As the App Store’s fifth anniversary approaches, a whole host of developers have begun makes some of their most popular apps and games for iOS completely free. Some of the titles included in the sale are Infinity Blade II, Disney’s Where’s My Water?, and Traktor DJ, which is usually priced at $20.

It’s unclear whether the giveaways are to celebrate the App Store’s birthday, or whether the timing is just a coincidence. The Verge was first to spot the changes, and they note that none of the titles on sale have ever gone free before.

So this isn’t just your average App Store sale where the likes of EA and Gameloft make all of their older titles super cheap in an effort to boost sales. Some of the most popular iOS titles are included, such as gems like Tiny Wings and Day One, a wonderful app that makes keeping a journal super simple.

Here’s a full list of the titles that have gone free so far:

Apple hasn’t mentioned the freebies yet, and none of the apps acknowledge the reductions in their descriptions, so we can’t confirm why they’re been made free yet. But this week marks the App Store’s fifth birthday, and it certainly appears that this is part of the celebration.

If that is the case, we’d expect to see many more titles reduced in the coming days.

If you spot any other apps and games that have been made free this week, let us know in the comments section below.

Via: The Verge


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  • jeffythequick

    They’re all free, at least now. Just downloaded them all, and they all said, “Free”.

    Have fun!

  • mark_hunte_

    in iTunes clicking on the “5 years of the App Store” banner at the top of the App Store will take you to these Apps

  • rigit_digit

    lame-o apps. they should have made some of their own crap apps like pages, numbers, etc free for 1 day.

  • Steven Quan

    Over is a great app. I’m surprised they included this one. If you don’t already have it, I would download it ASAP.

  • brahseth

    Got them all just now for free. Thanks for this post.