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Today in Apple history: The App Store hits 25 billion downloads


App store
At 25 billion downloads, Apple marked a major App Store milestone.
Photo: Apple

March 5: Today in Apple history: The App Store hits 25 billion downloads March 5, 2012: Apple reaches a staggering milestone, with 25 billion apps downloaded from the iOS App Store.

The company celebrates the occasion with a giveaway titled the “25 Billion App Countdown.” The lucky 25 billionth app downloader wins an iTunes gift card worth $10,000.

Feed Me Oil 2 Is The Most Fun Ecological-Disaster-Based Entertainment Ever [Review]


Feed Me Oil 2

If you played the original Feed Me Oil a couple years ago, you probably fell in love with its surreal graphics and fun, physics-based puzzles. If you didn’t, the name is probably confusing the hell out of you. Because you really shouldn’t feed anything oil, right? That’s super gross.

Feed Me Oil 2 by Holy Water Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99

Don’t get stuck on that, though, because Feed Me Oil 2 is out now, and it features the same addictive gameplay with shinier graphics and some new tools to get that oil where it needs to go.

And where it needs to go is, like, right into the mouth of a weird, animal-like hill or something. But again, don’t dwell on that because if you do, you’re missing out on a great game.

Stack Rabbit Is Cute, Silly, And Excellent At Balancing Fun and Microtransactions [Review]


Stack Rabbit 4

Disney’s mobile gaming efforts are surprisingly good! Stack Rabbit joins Where’s My Mickey and Where’s My Water as another easy-to-use app designed for children, but with enough appeal that adults can find plenty to enjoy. In Stack Rabbit, you play as a kindly rabbit trying to take care of his sister’s children while she’s on vacation. To do this, you have to hastily stack veggies on your head and hop away before the snoozing guard dog wakes up.

Stack Rabbit by Disney Mobile
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPad, iPhone
Price: Free

Each round you’re limited to a certain number of stacks and have to gather matching sets of vegetables to clear the level. The poor overworked rabbit can only carry so many vegetables at once so planning out your matches is a must unless you want to sacrifice time by dropping all the food you’ve collected.

Big iOS Titles Go Free As App Store Celebrates Fifth Anniversary


Apple has lost its third appeal for ownership of the term App Store in Oz. Photo: Apple
The App Store celebrates its firth anniversary this week.

As the App Store’s fifth anniversary approaches, a whole host of developers have begun makes some of their most popular apps and games for iOS completely free. Some of the titles included in the sale are Infinity Blade II, Disney’s Where’s My Water?, and Traktor DJ, which is usually priced at $20.

Disney’s Where’s My Water? And Its Adorable Swampy The Alligator Turn 1 Tomorrow [Infographic]



Swampy the Alligator from the hit game Where’s My Water? is turning one tomorrow. To celebrate this milestone, Disney takes a look at Swampy’s first year and the over 2 billion showers he has taken. Bathe in Swampy’s achievements and then head into the game for an exclusive birthday-themed level (tap the birthday present).

Have a happy birthday tomorrow Swampy and thanks for the hours of fun!

Jetpack Joyride Is The Best App Ever At This Year’s MacWorld / iWorld



Counterintuitively, for the fourth year running, the winners of 148Apps annual “Best App Ever” contest have just been announced at Macworld / iWorld 12012. And my girlfriend’s going to be positively giddy, because the app that she’s spent most of the last year grinding her fingers down to the bone playing has won: Halfbrick Studio’s Jetpack Joyride!