Ditch Mobile Web And Load Pages In Their Entirety Using Dolphin For iPhone [iOS Tip]



The mobile Safari browser that comes baked into Apple’s iOS devices is quite possibly the best mobile browser there is. But what if you want don’t want to load mobile web pages? What if you want to enjoy websites in their entirety?

Unfortunately mobile Safari doesn’t let you do this, but a free third-party browser called Dolphin does. Here’s how to ditch the mobile web and load full, desktop websites on your iPhone.

First, download Dolphin from the App Store; it’s completely free, and it’s one of the best third-party browsers available.

Once installed, open up Dolphin and swipe your finger to the left to access its settings menu. You can now turn the ‘Desktop Mode’ feature on.

With Desktop Mode activated, any webpage you visit will be the desktop version – not the mobile one.

Of course, there are a number of third-party browsers for iOS that allow you to load desktop sites. But we think Dolphin is the best, and it’s completely free.

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  • MacHead84

    Plenty of browsers have desktop mode….or many sites now let you choose which you want to access even in safari. But as far as Dolphin Browser goes I always found its way to responsive at pulling up the side menus at the slightest of touch. Got to annoying for me, had to delete. Now I just stick with Safari

  • iDaBoss

    Most third party browsers have this option. I alternate between Atomic Browser and Dolphin, and I’ve also tried Mercury.

  • PaintTheSkyGrey

    I used to use Dolphin as my main browser, but I’ve just been having too many issues with it lately. I realized that Mobile Safari was greatly improved in iOS 5, downloaded some tweaks (Jailbroken) for it, and haven’t looked back.