Check The Speed Of Your Device’s Data Connection With The Free Speed Test App [iOS Tip]



Have you ever wondered what kind of data speeds you get on your iPhone with a full 3G signal, or how fast your internet is on your home Wi-Fi network? With the free iOS app from, you can perform a quick and simple test that will tell you your download and your upload speeds on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

First, open up the App Store on your device, or using iTunes on your computer, and download the free app. Before opening the app, be sure that the network you’re connected to is the one you would like to test the speed of. And if you’re checking a 3G connection, it’s best to turn Wi-Fi off.

When you’re ready, open up the Speedtest app and it will automatically find the nearest server. This should only take a couple of seconds, and once it’s done, you can hit the ‘Begin Test’ button.

Speedtest will now do its thing and present you with three results: Your ping, your download speed, and your upload speed.

You can use the ‘Settings’ tab at the bottom of the app to specify whether you’d like to see results in Kbps, Mbps, or KB/s; and how you’d like your results to be sorted. The ‘Results’ tab will show you with a list of results from previous tests.

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  • Matthew Douglas

    and once it is done, you can pull down on the results page and see their creepy cat they named the company after… ha

  • Bitter Witch

    I only get about a download average of 4mbps and 1.5mbps upload.  What does everyone else get? :O  I’m, supposedly, in a “4G area” with AT&T.

  • Christer Rosewell

    I got it – did a couple of tests right now:

    1)Ping = 25ms
    2)Ping = 24ms

    1)Download = 30.37 Mbps
    2)Download – 31.04 Mbps

    1)Upload = 3.04 Mbps
    2)Upload = 3.03 Mbps

    I am on Virgin Broadband (and Three Phone) in the UK..

    And told soon we’ll be getting 50 Mbps download speeds and upload should double too..


  • Brandon Dillon

    Y U NO STOP PLAYING?!!!!11

  • Al

    The accuracy is pretty poor due to the different download servers. One 65 miles away from me gives a 5Mb/s speed, whereas another 200 miles away gives me 23Mb/s.

    What is my actual connection speed? 50Mb/s.

    Oh well :(

  • ddevito

    Eat it iSheep. Eat it.

  • ddevito

    “4G” isn’t real 4G. You got duped. It’s 3.5G

  • ddevito

    I get anywhere from 28-46mbps down, 10-18mbps up. On my cell phone.

  • RoyL

    Pics or it didn’t happen :P

  • ddevito

    I keep trying to post the pic and the link to my screenshot, but the site isn’t allowing it (conspiracy?) :)

    Anyway, I’m going to try again – tweet me @dcdevito if you want to see it. I’m honestly not bulls1tt1ng you.

  • ddevito

    Can you see the attached pic?

  • ddevito
  • Madhav Kishore

    It’s abt time u ppl talked abt this app… i was using this app and website even before ios was born…. by the way I am super excited because i get 3.33 mbps with my wifi.. (thats kind of a big speed in India) :-)

  • Cillit Bang

    It says ‘kbps’ not mbps