Check The Speed Of Your Device’s Data Connection With The Free Speed Test App [iOS Tip]


  • Matthew Douglas

    and once it is done, you can pull down on the results page and see their creepy cat they named the company after… ha

  • Bitter Witch

    I only get about a download average of 4mbps and 1.5mbps upload.  What does everyone else get? :O  I’m, supposedly, in a “4G area” with AT&T.

  • Christer Rosewell

    I got it – did a couple of tests right now:

    1)Ping = 25ms
    2)Ping = 24ms

    1)Download = 30.37 Mbps
    2)Download – 31.04 Mbps

    1)Upload = 3.04 Mbps
    2)Upload = 3.03 Mbps

    I am on Virgin Broadband (and Three Phone) in the UK..

    And told soon we’ll be getting 50 Mbps download speeds and upload should double too..


  • Brandon Dillon

    Y U NO STOP PLAYING?!!!!11

  • Al

    The accuracy is pretty poor due to the different download servers. One 65 miles away from me gives a 5Mb/s speed, whereas another 200 miles away gives me 23Mb/s.

    What is my actual connection speed? 50Mb/s.

    Oh well :(

  • ddevito

    Eat it iSheep. Eat it.

  • ddevito

    “4G” isn’t real 4G. You got duped. It’s 3.5G

  • ddevito

    I get anywhere from 28-46mbps down, 10-18mbps up. On my cell phone.

  • RoyL

    Pics or it didn’t happen :P

  • ddevito

    I keep trying to post the pic and the link to my screenshot, but the site isn’t allowing it (conspiracy?) :)

    Anyway, I’m going to try again – tweet me @dcdevito if you want to see it. I’m honestly not bulls1tt1ng you.

  • ddevito

    Can you see the attached pic?

  • ddevito
  • Madhav Kishore

    It’s abt time u ppl talked abt this app… i was using this app and website even before ios was born…. by the way I am super excited because i get 3.33 mbps with my wifi.. (thats kind of a big speed in India) :-)

  • Cillit Bang

    It says ‘kbps’ not mbps