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C2G’s new docking kits help turn a laptop into a desktop


C2G's new docking station kits strive to simplify your work-from-home networking.
C2G's new docking station kits strive to simplify your work-from-home networking.
Photo: C2G

Many folks are working from home a lot, but setting up a proper computer workstation frustrates them. C2G wants to help make it easy with a bunch of new docking kits ready-made to solve connectivity woes, especially if you want your laptop to be more like a desktop computer.

Improve your comfort and productivity in 2021 with this affordable standing desk


This standing desk is one easy to step in enhancing productivity in 2021
Getting a standing desk is one way to start 2021 with a bang.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s plenty of ways you can improve your productivity this year — from sharpening your focus and time-management skills, to changing your workflow with a bunch of time-saving apps.

But have you considered changing your workspace to make sure it’s optimized to help you be efficient and comfortable at the same time? An easy addition might be swapping your traditional desk for this EC1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk.

Make your videos look better with a tripod and other specialty gear


All in One AI 360 Smart Face Tracking Tripod
From face-tracking tripods to studio lighting, these video accessories will help you shine.
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Whether for Zoom calls or showing off how your guitar lessons are paying off, you’re likely spending more time pointing cameras at yourself. But you and your viewers deserve better than fluorescent lights and a shaky laptop camera. We rounded up four deals on tripods that will help you capture higher-quality video and photos from anywhere.

Learn what it takes to do your best work from home [Deals]


The 2020 Ultimate Work From Home Starter Kit Bundle
Gain a ton of new skills that'll help you make the most of working from home.
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Who ever thought they would miss going to the office? Work from home is the new normal, and for many it’s also a new way of working. This bundle of 16 courses offers invaluable insights and skills that make working from home as easy and effective as it can be.

Apps to boost your work-from-home productivity


App icons for TickTick toggle outlook and dayone
It only takes a few key tools to make working remotely much more manageable.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

COVID-19 lockdown certainly brought a swift change from the norm for many people. We’re dealing with the added stress of different working situations, the struggle to get groceries, and in many cases, even acting as teachers or child care providers.

All of that can make it really challenging to feel accomplished and productive. Luckily, I finally found my groove in the last week or so, thanks to a couple of really useful apps (and some self-imposed rules).

This amazing video-editing setup is Hollywood-grade [Setups]


Check out this mouth-watering setup
This wfh setup is truly incredible.
Photo: @theqazman

Waqas Qazi may be a freelance Hollywood colorist, but his desk setup is worthy of an emperor. His jaw-dropping rig boasts three monitors to play with, and a trio of bookshelf speakers to pump out the audio. Plus, he has a DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel, for color-grading and editing, and the Elgato Stream Deck XL, which is great for multitasking.

And don’t forget that cheese-grater Mac Pro!

A $700 curved monitor is only the start of this awesome WFH setup [Setups]


LG curved monitor dominates this wfh setup
An LG curved monitor dominates this photographer's WFH setup.
Photo: @lioralon

An amazing 34-inch curved monitor dominates the desk of Lior Alon, a photographer from Israel. In addition to the sweet screen, she also uses a high-end Logitech mouse and, of course, Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 — the staple of any great setup.

To finish it off, a pair of super-high-def monitor speakers from Adam Audio and a Steinberg USB interface give her studio-quality sound.

Get the perfect lighting and angles for your quarantine streams [Deals]


U-Stream Main
Boost your streaming video game with these discounted gear bundles.
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Being unexpectedly stuck at home can mean you’ve suddenly got time to start streaming your thoughts and creative endeavors. But if you want people to watch your videos, you’ve got to cover the basics — good camera angles and quality lighting.

These two DIY bundles include studio lights, camera grips and more so you can stream video like a pro.

This iOS app doesn’t let quarantine keep you from exercising [Deals]


Relieve body pain, build strength, improve posture and more with specialized exercises created by doctors and physiotherapists.
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Stuck at home, unable to go to the gym, or worried about the safety of taking a jog? That shouldn’t prevent you from getting in your daily physical activity. Exercise is key to physical and mental health, after all. And this app offers ways of staying active even while you stay put.