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How Apple could fix the iPad home screen in iOS 13 [Opinion]


Ipad home screen
It this really an appropriate home screen for the powerful 2018 iPad Pro?
Photo: Apple

According to rumors, iOS 13 will bring a redesigned home screen to the iPad. It’s about time. The grid of apps might have worked fine on the iPhone before the App Store, but after nine years of using the expanded version on the iPad, the joke is starting to get old.

So, if Apple is finally ready to make a home screen worthy of the iPad, we have a few suggestions.

Apple seeds fourth macOS Mojave beta to developers


macOs Mojave
macOS Mojave's dynamic wallpapers are gorgeous.
Photo: Apple

The fourth beta of macOS Mojave is already here after Apple seeded a new update of the upcoming Mac update to developers this morning.

macOS Mojave is the first of Apple’s big 2018 software updates to get a fourth beta build. The company came out with iOS 12 beta 3 and macOS Mojave beta 3 less than two weeks ago, but some fresh fixes for the Mojave build is already here.

macOS Mojave easter egg scrambles your desktop with a single click


macOS Mojave Mess Up easter egg
I swear, we didn't make this up. There really is a "Mess Up" feature in macOS Mojave.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Surely you’ve said to yourself, “My Mac desktop is messy, but it could be messier.” No? Well, someone at Apple has, and built a tool into the macOS Mojave beta to disorganize everything on your desktop.

This easter egg is almost certainly a feature needed during testing, but it’s also a sign that the Apple developers are willing to have a bit of fun.

4 Tricks To Master The Dock On Your OS X Mac [Feature]




The Dock is one of those things that we all use on our Macs, but may not really do much more than swap out applications and use whatever Stacks were put there when we got the darn Mac.

However, if you really want to get the most out of your Mac, you might as well learn how to do a bit more with the Dock, and master your use of this oft-overlooked bit of user software. Here are four great ways to do just that.

Customize The Way Stacks Look And Behave In The Dock [OS X Tips]


Stack Dock Customize

If you’re using Stacks in the Dock, either the built-in ones for Documents and such, or your own, like the Recent Items Stack, you might want to customize the way the Stack looks and behaves.

In Mac OS X Mountain Lion, at least, and very likely earlier versions of OS X, you can have your Stacks appear as a grid, a list, or a fan. You can also have OS X choose the best view for you, depending on how many items are in the Stack.

Here’s the quick way to change the view of any Stack in your OS X Dock.

Add Recent Or Favorite Items Stack To The Dock [OS X Tips]


Dock Stacks Recent Apps

The old rainbow Apple menu had a function that let you find recent documents, along with the ability to place folders in it for quick and easy access. This was replaced in Mac OS X with stacks, a visual way to do a similar thing, but from the Dock. You can drag a folder into the right hand side of the Dock and have it open as a Stack, of course, but did you know you could get a list of Recent Apps, Documents, or Servers, as well as Favorite Volumes or Items as a Stack, as well?

You can, with a little Terminal magic. Here’s how.

Use a Mac OS X Stack to Show Recent Items [OS X Tips]


Recent Appliations Stack

Here’s a fun trick with stacks, OS X’s answer to the original rainbow Apple menu functionality, which used to feature recent documents and the ability to place folders in it for quick and easy access to them. This was replaced in Mac OS X with stacks, a visual way to do a similar thing, but from the Dock. Today, we’ll use Terminal to make a Stack that shows the recent items from your Mac. Fun!

Turn Your Dock Stacks Into Organized Bins [Video How-To]



Recently, I was asked about the custom “bin” overlays that I have on the Applications and Documents stacks in my dock. These bins are cool tweaks that you can apply to any Dock stack to not only customize the look of them, but to also keep things organized and identifiable at a glance. In this video, I’ll show you how you can set up your own Stack bins.