Blind pensioner is hoping iTunes success will help save his sight


Singer Murray Gee Mac with 85-year-old songwriter Jock Campbell.
Photo: Scotland Now

What’s the best way for an 85-year-old man, who has been registered blind for the past six years, to raise the money he needs for a sight-saving operation?

Write, record and sell a song using iTunes, of course!

That’s what Scottish pensioner Jock Campbell is doing, at least. Having been a producer for a band appropriately-titled The 3 Macs back in the 80s, Campbell was reunited with lead singer Murray Gee Mac last year through Facebook.

Murray, now aged 50, recorded the song after Jock wrote it for him. “It took me about four or five weeks to write … and it would mean the world to me for the song to be a success – it would make an 85-year-old blind man feel 25,” Campbell said.

Campbell’s song is a patriotic ballad called “My Scottish Home.” “We hope it will reach Scottish expats all over the world, and people like soldiers who are away from home,” Murray noted.

The musical duo are setting their goals high.

“We are hoping to reach No 1 in the iTunes world charts for Christmas and New Year,” Murray continued. “Jock will be 86 on October 26, and it would be great for him to get the recognition he deserves with this amazing new song.”

The profits will enable Campbell to undergo a transformative eyesight-saving procedure. “If I could get an operation to help my blindness it would be amazing to see my wife, children and grandchildren once again,” he said.

You can check out his song “My Scottish Home” here.

Source: Scotland Now