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Dark Matter remains the most popular series on streaming


Dark Matter on Apple TV+
"Dark Matter," an Apple TV+ adaptation of a sci-fi bestseller, very quickly found a huge audience and is holding on to it.
Photo: Apple TV+

Dark Matter, one of the best sci-fi novels of the decade, has been adapted into an Apple TV+ series that is spending its second week as the most popular offering on any streaming service, according to analysts.

It’s a thriller about a man lost in the multiverse trying to find his original universe.

Apple TV+ bags big British awards for Slow Horses and Silo


Slow Horses Silo BAFTA wins
Apple TV+ took four prizes in the TV craft awards, and may win more in the broader BAFTA Television Awards.
Photo: Apple TV+

The BAFTA Television Craft Awards — a branch of the BAFTAs, often thought of as the British Oscars — awarded wins to Apple TV+ hit series Slow Horses and Silo, the iPhone giant said Sunday.

The acerbic espionage drama Slow Horses won for best editing and best sound. Sci-fi series Silo landed wins for best production design and best original music.

In addition, Apple TV+ received further nominations in the upcoming BAFTA Television Awards.

Apple TV+ renews For All Mankind, spins off Star City


For All Mankind spinoff Star City
Not only do fans of the hit sci-fi show get a new season, they get "For All Mankind" spinoff "Star City."
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ renewed its hit alternative-history sci-fi show For All Mankind Wednesday for a fifth season. And, while it was at it, it threw in a whole new spinoff series! For All Mankind spinoff Star City will delve further into secrets of the Soviet space program.

Silo star drops major hints about sci-fi hit’s future on Apple TV+


Rebecca Ferguson in
Rebecca Ferguson sells the sci-fi in Silo.
Photo: Apple TV+

Rebecca Ferguson, star of hit sci-fi series Silo on Apple TV+, just laid out the show’s possible future in an interview. So Silo continues on Apple TV+, and perhaps not just the second season we already knew about. That’s good news for the show’s many fans wondering what’s next, after that acclaimed first season.

Not only is season 2 filming finally complete after delays. There are reasons to hope third and fourth seasons are coming, too.

Dark Matter trailer unveils a multiverse mystery


'Dark Matter' is a multiverse mystery on Apple TV+
Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly star in Dark Matter, a new sci-fi thriller series coming to Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

Dark Matter, one of the best sci-fi novels of the decade, is about to become an Apple TV+ series. It’s a thriller about a man lost in the multiverse trying to find his original universe, and stars Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly.

The trailer released Thursday asks the question “What if the person who abducted me is me?”

Can dimension-shifting Constellation nail its season finale? [Updated]


'Constellation' space-thriller becomes latest hit for Apple TV+
Audiences are thrilled by Constellation on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ pumped up its reputation as a hub for thought-provoking and visually stunning science fiction with Constellation, a series that’s part sci-fi, part horror and part family drama. The intricately plotted space thriller’s season finale airs Wednesday. And, as the season concludes, the show must clear a high bar to make the ending ring true.

After all, hit TV mysteries like Lost disappointed lots fans with their finales. And those same sci-fi fans (and their kids) are sick of being disappointed.

UPDATE: The show’s season finale is satisfying but does not “solve” the mysteries of space travelers’ fractured realities as much as it deepens them while inviting viewers, along with characters, to accept them. In some ways the show seems like a metaphor for mental illness as an unavoidable part of the human condition. The victim and their loved ones must accept what they cannot change so they can move on. And my Lysenko theory, below, turned out to be correct.

William Gibson’s sci-fi classic Neuromancer comes to Apple TV+


Apple TV+ airs adaptation of Neuromancer by Willam Gibson
Apple TV+ lines up another big-time sci-fi series -- William Gibson's Neuromancer.
Photo: Apple TV+

Neuromancer, William Gibson’s much-lauded sci-fi novel published in 1984, is coming to Apple TV+, the iPhone giant said Wednesday.

The 10-episode drama has no release date yet. But it’s sure to be — as Apple TV+ says about almost every upcoming show — “much anticipated.”

Aliens don’t quit: Invasion rages on with season 3 on Apple TV+


Sci-fi drama
Maybe this time we'll get a sense of who's actually winning this battle.
Photo: Apple

Sci-fi drama Invasion will return for a third season, Apple TV+ said Tuesday. Apparently, it’s going to take at least 30 episodes — 10 per season — to declare an outcome to mankind’s desperate global battle with alien invaders. (Or maybe more, with a fourth season, if the war drags on.)

The streamer said production on the season three of Invasion will start before the end of February.

Constellation trailer explodes with horror from space


Contellation on Apple TV+
The psychological space-thriller premieres on Apple TV+ February 21.
Photo: Apple TV+

After a disastrous mission, an astronaut returns to Earth to find parts of her life missing, and it appears a horrifying conspiracy may be to blame, according to the trailer Apple TV+ dropped Monday for the upcoming eight-part space-thriller series Constellation.

The streamer describes the series, which stars Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks, as an “action-packed space adventure,” but the trailer feels more like horror. Good thing Apple also calls it a “conspiracy-based psychological thriller.” It premieres February 21.

Dream of ‘Brazil’ dies in For All Mankind‘s fraught episode 9 ★★★★☆


For All Mankind season 4, episode 9, Kelly and Ed hug★★★★☆
Tears and hugs aside, Kelly Baldwin isn't falling for her dad's BS.
Photo: Apple TV+

Season 4 of For All Mankind entered its tense final phase Friday, with action heating up on Mars and on Earth ahead of climactic episode 10. Episode 9, “Brazil,” is all about setting up that endgame (and it really could be the End, as we await Apple TV+ news of season 5 renewal … or not).

But two characters won’t live to see that endgame. And many more lives are at risk as forces on Earth seek to control the fight in space over the Goldilocks asteroid’s vast mineral wealth — and maybe even the future of space exploration.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 7 lays groundwork for future battles [Apple TV+ recap]


'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' episode 7 -- Lee Shaw blows stuff up
Colonel Lee Shaw gets to blow stuff up in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 7.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewMonarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 7 might not be the most exciting entry in the series, but it offers up important backstory for one of the best MonsterVerse films.

Read our review/recap for Godzilla-size spoilers about the latest episode, plus some speculation about the show’s future.

Brilliant Murderbot novels becoming Apple TV+ sci-fi series starring Alexander Skarsgård


'Murderbot' novels becoming Apple TV+ sci-fi series
All Systems Red from Martha Wells is coming to Apple TV+.
Image: Tor/Cult of Mac

The Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Murderbot novels by Martha Wells are getting adapted into a series on Apple TV+. The sci-fi show will star Emmy winner Alexander Skarsgård, perhaps best known for his role on Succession.

Wells’ action-packed bestsellers center on a robot that breaks the programming that forces it to kill. The move allows the android to go freelance as a security specialist.

In between space disasters, emotional thrusters propel For All Mankind [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★


Danielle in ★★★
Danieille handles news of the Goldilocks mission in stride, but soon she's screaming "F-You!" at Ed Baldwin. Twice.
Photo: Apple TV_

“Ground control, is that a negative on fatal space accidents in this week’s episode? Roger that. Initiate teardrops protocol.” For All Mankind‘s “Goldilocks” episode, number 5 in season 4, pushes plot lines forward Friday under the power of emotional cataclysms more than space-based action.

But it’s a meaty episode nonetheless. The whole season will turn on the importance of a certain newly discovered space rock named Goldilocks.

Apple TV+ sets countdown for space psycho-thriller series Constellation


Psycho-thrilller series
Whatever Jo (Noomi Pace) is looking at here, it's ain't good.
Photo: Apple TV+

After a disaster in space, an astronaut returns to Earth to find pieces of her life missing in the upcoming Apple TV+ sci-fi series Constellation. Apple released a “first look” at the action-packed psychological thriller Thursday.

The “conspiracy-based space adventure,” which stars Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks, sets down on Apple TV+ on February 21.

Apple TV+ renews sci-fi epic Foundation for third season


Sci-fi epic series
"Foundation" will return for season 3 on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

Epic sci-fi series Foundation, a wildly successful adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s award-winning stories of a galactic empire in decline, will return for a third season, Apple TV+ said Tuesday.

And that’s causing much rejoicing on our own humble planet.

Space soap opera For All Mankind hits stride in ‘House Divided’ episode [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★


For All Mankind, season 4, episode 4, Ed Baldwin sees Svetlana off.★★★
Ed got what might be a first and only kiss from Svetlana, headed for trial in India.
Photo: Apple TV+

Not much happens Friday on alt-history space soap opera For All Mankind season 4’s fourth episode, “House Divided.” Let’s see. Two Russians have a shoving match on Mars, almost killing one and nearly causing the return of the Cold War. The former head of NASA goes to work for the Soviets and immediately impresses her frighteningly KGB-connected boss. And longtime space heroes Danielle Poole and Ed Baldwin suffer a major falling out that could threaten peace in Happy Valley, Mars.

And by the way, geriatric Ed — the show wants us to believe Joel Kinnaman’s characters is now in his 70s — finally does get the tender smooch from a young cosmonaut threatened in episode 3. Alas, poor Miles Dale, despite sparks flying on Mars, doesn’t quite get to make out with his burgeoning love interest.

Race for asteroid wealth heats up in For All Mankind season 4 trailer


That space rock holds massive mineral wealth, and everyone wants it.
That space rock holds massive mineral wealth, and everyone wants it.
Photo: Apple

It’s 2003, and the United States leads the way on Mars in its Happy Valley Base, having turned its international space-race competitors into allies. But when an asteroid presents an almost-unimaginably rich mining opportunity, it’s back to pitched competition, as seen in the For All Mankind season four trailer Apple TV+ dropped Thursday.

The alternative-history sci-fi series started with an interesting premise — what if the United States lost the moon race in 1969 to the Soviets? — and has run with it into a fourth season, which debuts November 10 on Apple TV+.

It’s do or die time for Juliette in the Silo season one finale [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Rebecca Ferguson in ★★★★☆
Sheriff Juliette (played by Rebecca Ferguson) heads for a showdown with the powers that be in the Silo season one finale.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewIn the Silo season finale, Juliette has been found out and has only minutes to prove her innocence — and the government’s guilt — before she’s caught and punished. Of course, nothing is ever that easy in the hit Apple TV+ sci-fi series.

Bernard and Sims panic at the idea of losing their grip on the seat of power. And the people Juliette knows and loves worry for her safety. The episode, entitled “Outside,” asks the question: Can you fight city hall miles underground?

Juliette discovers the big lie this week on Silo [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Common and Iain Glen in ★★★★☆
Sims (played by Common, left) thinks maybe Juliette's dad Peter (Iain Glen) can help the authorities find her.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ Review Juliette is on the lam this week in the penultimate installment of Silo’s first season. The Apple TV+ sci-fi show, about the woman who discovers a massive conspiracy in the equally massive underground bunker containing the last dregs of humanity, finds Juliette looking for help and hope in all the strangest places.

Sims, Bernard and Billings all sweat her escape and what it might mean for the future of the silo in a white-knuckle episode entitled “The Getaway.”

Silo’s creepy conspiracy just keeps getting weirder [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Common in ★★★★☆
Sims (played by Common) is up to no good.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewApple TV+ dystopian sci-fi series Silo, about the last remnants of civilization trapped in a huge underground structure, ratchets up the stakes as Juliette realizes she has only a few hours to set things right or she and Billings will face the music.

A flashback to a tumultuous time serves as her guiding light in the darkness — and even a reconciliation won’t save her. Entitled “Hanna,” it’s a very good episode of this surprise hit sci-fi series as we head into the first season’s home stretch.

Epic Foundation season 2 trailer goes supernova


The fate of humanity hangs in the balance when
The fate of humanity hangs in the balance when "Foundation" returns to Apple TV+ July 14.
Photo: Apple TV+

Season 2 of sci-fi series Foundation explodes like a supernova on Apple TV+ July 14. That may sound a bit dramatic, but the main word that comes to mind upon watching the new trailer for the season the streaming service dropped Tuesday is … epic. And lots of stuff explodes in it.

Or let’s go with “epic saga,” the phrase Apple TV+ used to describe the hit show based on Isaac Asimov’s award-winning stories about a band of exiles defying a crumbling galactic empire.

Silo starts to give up its horrible secrets [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Avi Nash and Rebecca Ferguson in ★★★★☆
Lukas (played by Avi Nash, left) and Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) stumble upon something strange.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ Review Silo, the hit Apple TV+ series about people dwelling in a titanic subterranean structure years after an apocalyptic event turned Earth’s air toxic, begins its final act this week.

Juliette discovers a horrible clue hidden in the memory of someone who can’t access it. And a risky mission will put her in close proximity to the one person she doesn’t want to see, but it’s now or never time in the silo.

The episode, entitled “The Flamekeepers,” is a very well-handled lynchpin episode of Silo.

Silo ramps up the intrigue with a relic [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Rebecca Ferguson and Chinaza Uche in ★★★★☆
Sheriff Juliette (played by Rebecca Ferguson, left) and her deputy Billings (Chinaza Uche) try to get to the bottom of the silo's secrets.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewSilo, the dystopian Apple TV+ series about the last survivors of civilization living in a cavernous underground structure, finds new sheriff Juliette treading on shaky ground this week. With a reluctant Paul Billings in tow, she starts intensifying her search for clues. Meanwhile, the silo’s Judicial authorities start to get mighty suspicious of her motives.

The episode, entitled “The Relic,” is a creepy and involving installment of an increasingly interesting show.