Smiling Apple fans show off their new haul of devices


iPhone XS fan in Singapore
One happy new iPhone owner in Singapore.
Photo: Apple

Forget Amazon’s Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday — if you’re an Apple fan, the biggest non-holiday day of the year is new device day. And it’s finally here!

As of 8am local time on Friday, September 21, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4 go on sale around the world. While we’re still a few hours away from that time rolling around in the U.S, a number of places in the world have already received their devices. And, boy, do their customers look happy!

Apple’s new iPhone lineup is bigger and better than ever


iPhone Xs Max
This is what we've been waiting for.
Photo: Apple

Apple just unveiled its biggest and best iPhone lineup to date.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max come packing a brand new A12 Bionic chip with greatly improved performance and sound, as well as Apple’s best displays and even better designs. They can also juggle two SIM cards simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the new iPhone XR delivers the flagship iPhone look and some of the best features from iPhone XS at a more-affordable price.

Everything we think we know about the 2018 iPhone lineup [Updated]


iPhone X
Behold, the iPhone Xs.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is set to unleash its newest iPhones on the world in just a couple weeks and based on the rumors, these will be the most lust-worthy phones to ever come out of Cupertino.

Not only will the 2018 iPhone lineup include the biggest iPhone display Apple’s ever made, it will also be more colorful and more expensive than ever. We’ve been keeping our pulse on all the rumors leading up to Apple’s big September 12 unveiling and have a pretty solid idea on what’s coming through the pipeline.

This is what the 2018 iPhone lineup will look like:

Mystery iPhone spotted in Apple code hints at surprising refresh


iOS 11 Beta 4
It's a great time to buy older Apple devices.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is expected to introduce three new smartphones this fall — all of which will include some of the best features of iPhone X. But it seems it could have another surprising refresh up its sleeve.

One developer has discovered references to an unreleased device that closely resembles the iPhone 7.

Everything you need to know about your iPhone camera’s shutter speed


iPhone shutter speed
Camera blur can be your friend.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Your iPhone camera is pretty good at taking photos automatically. You just point it, shoot, and the camera works out all the tricky stuff. But what is actually going on in there? How does it take the light that you see and render it as an image on the screen?

In this short series, we’ll look at the physical parts of a camera — the aperture, the shutter, the magnification of the lens, and so on — and see how they affect the final image. Today’s topic: shutter speed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prepares to face the 2018 iPhones


The Galaxy Note 9 will have to face not just the iPhone X, but also the models Apple will launch next month.
The Galaxy Note 9 will have to stand up to not only the iPhone X, but also the models Apple will launch next month.
Photo: Apple/Samsung/MobileFun

This spring’s Galaxy S9 hasn’t sold all that well, so Samsung is pinning its hopes on the Galaxy Note 9, just announced this morning.

This 6.4-inch Android device will have to compete with the iPhone X, and also the new smartphones Apple will introduce in a few weeks. Let’s see how it compares.

Tim Cook: $1 trillion cap ‘not the most important measure of success’


Mockup WWDC
Are you ready for Apple's September 12 event?
Photo: Apple

Apple became the first company to ever reach a $1 trillion market cap on Wednesday as its share price soared to $207.39. But according to CEO Tim Cook, this is “not the most important measure of our success.”

In an email to Apple employees, Cook says that financial returns are simply the result of innovation — and that it’s the team behind them that really makes Apple so spectacular.

2018 MacBook Pro performance, after the patch, on The CultCast


CultCast MacBook Pro
Just how good is the 2018 MacBook Pro after Apple's patch?
Photo: Apple

This week on The CultCast: Apple has issued a patch that significantly increases performance for all 2018 MacBook Pros, but there’s one glaring problem it doesn’t fix…. We talk benchmarks and real-world performance. Plus, we take a peek at the new HomePod features from iOS 12 beta, and we wrap up with your emails!

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Apple won’t give your older MacBook an improved keyboard


Apple MacBook Pro keyboard
How’s the sound on your 2018 MacBook Pro?
Photo: Apple

Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup last week, and faster Intel processors weren’t the only thing to be excited about. The update also brought a quieter keyboard that’s less prone to being ruined by dust.

Unfortunately for existing MacBook and MacBook Pro owners, Apple won’t fit its newer keyboard into older machines — not even if yours is in need of repair.