Get 77% off great Just Mobile accessories for iPhone, Apple Watch


The HoverDock for Apple Watch is perfect for Nightstand mode.
The prettiest Apple Watch dock money can buy?
Photo: Just Mobile

Treat yourself to some awesome new Apple Watch and iPhone accessories with up to 77% off Just Mobile products in the Cult of Mac Store.

You’ll find iPhone cases and screen protectors, Apple Watch charging stands, and portable battery packs all reduced to some of their lowest prices to date. Prices start at just $7.95!

But be quick — this sale must end next week!

Save a ton on these awesome AirPods and Apple Watch accessories


Bag this brilliant Apple Watch band for under $12!
Photo: Elkson

Elkson makes some absolutely terrific accessories for AirPods and Apple Watch, then goes and sells them at amazingly low prices. And you can get yours even less today from the Cult of Mac Store.

We’ve slashed up to 40% off of a number of Elkson’s best products, including a protective AirPods case that adds wireless charging, an incredibly comfortable Apple Watch band, and more.

Give the gift of luxury with these high-end Apple Watch bands


A terrific Apple Watch upgrade.
Photo: OleksynPrannyk

The newest luxury leather bands from OleksynPrannyk are out ahead of the holidays, and they’re a wonderful gift for any Apple Watch owner.

Handmade in the U.S. from soft Italian leather, and available in a number of gorgeous color options, they’re a delight to wear and incredibly long-lasting. They’re also more affordable than they look.

How to arrange your iPad’s window in Catalina’s Sidecar


Yes, that's Logic Pro X 'running' on an iPad.
Yes, that's Logic Pro X "running" on an iPad in Sidecar.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Sidecar, which lets you use an iPad as an external display for your Mac, is an unexpectedly amazing new feature in macOS Catalina. You just move any window to the iPad, and there it is. You can either mouse over to that window with the Mac, just like using any other external display, or you can pick up an Apple Pencil, and use it in the Mac app, directly from the iPad’s screen. And, like any regular external display, you can choose where the iPad’s screen exists.

Today we’re going to see how to move the iPad’s screen from left to right in the Sidecar setup.

E3’s handmade Apple Watch bands are the perfect holiday gift


And they start at just $69!
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

Handmade holiday gifts are a great way to show loved ones you really care. But actually making them yourself can lead to disastrous results. So pick up a gorgeous E3 band for Apple Watch instead.

They’re lovingly handcrafted at a workshop in New York using only Horween leather, and they’re beautifully rustic but full of character. They make for a wonderful gift for any Apple Watch wearer.

And they’re surprisingly nicely priced, too!

This essential iPad shortcut lets you instantly preview any file


Add Quick Look to the Files app. Sometimes I think it was easier the old way.
Sometimes I think it was easier the old way.
Photo: Maksym Kaharlytskyi/Unsplash

The iPadOS Files app isn’t bad, but it has one super-frustrating flaw. While you can now enjoy multiple windows, hook up any and all USB drives, and even connect to network servers, you can’t do one simple thing: Preview a file. Or rather, you can preview any file, just by clicking on it, but you never know whether Files will actually show you a Quick Look preview, or just open that file in an arbitrary app.

Today, we will add a dedicated Quick Look entry to the Files app share menu. Never again will you tap to preview a file and have it launch an app instead.

How to use running cadence on Apple Watch


What does cadence tell you about your running?
What does cadence tell you about your running?
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch running cadence setting arrived in watchOS 5, but if you didn’t notice, you’re not alone. It tends to get buried in the myriad stats Cupertino provides for runners. Plus, there’s a lot of confusion about what it actually means and whether it’s useful.

But when you understand what your running cadence is telling you, it can help make you run faster and reduce your risk of injury. So it’s definitely worth taking the time to get your head around it. Here’s our handy guide.

Archive or delete: Understand iOS Mail’s most confusing setting


Mail swipe options
Some confusing mail options.
Photo: Carol Jeng/Unsplash

You know how when you swipe an email on your iPhone or iPad, and depending on the direction you swipe, you get a bunch of options? Mark as read, move, archive — that kind of thing. But how do you customize these options? And how do you access the ridiculously well-hidden option to archive and/or delete?

Let’s find out.

Check out the all-new screenshot markup tools in iOS 13


Screenshot markup tools
The colorful new screenshot markup tools in iOS 13.
Photo: Andrea Nepori

Instant Markup is one of the best parts of the iOS screenshot tool, and in iOS 13 and iPadOS it’s better than ever. The tools are more flexible, you get more colors, and it even remembers your selections for next time. It still doesn’t offer all the advanced features of a markup app like Annotable (you can’t pixelate parts of the image, for example), but it’s more than good enough for most uses.

Let’s see what’s new in the iOS 13 screenshot markup tool.

Gear4 slim cases protect an iPhone 11 from a 13-foot fall [Review]


Gear4 Hampton, Battersea, Oxford Eco and Crystal Palace Neon
The Gear4 Hampton, Battersea, Oxford Eco and Crystal Palace Neon are just some of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro series cases this company offers.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Gear4 cases can save an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro series from breaking if dropped quite long distances, but they aren’t as bulky as typical rugged cases. The lineup for all three of Apple’s latest is surprisingly attractive, given how protective they are.

I tried out several of Gear4’s offerings, and find they might be just what your new iPhone needs.