We finally know all the 2018 iPad Pro specs


2018 iPad Pro Smart Keyboard
Processor speed and RAM complete the list of 2018 iPad Pro specs.
Photo: Apple

The last specifications of the new iPad Pro models just recently came to light. Apple unveiled this model at the end of last month but there are some very important  technical details this company never reveals about iOS devices: processor speed and RAM. It’s up to the public to find them out.

On top of that, a technical glitch in a popular benchmarking app kept the exact speed of the tablet unknown to most even after it was in customer hands. But no more.

2018 iPad Pro runs faster than some MacBook Pros


One of these computers is faster than the other. Which it is will surprise you.
One of these computers is faster than the other. Which it is will surprise you.
Photo: Apple

Benchmark scores for the 2018 iPad Pro announced this week show that this tablet is faster than the 13-inch MacBook Pro released this summer.

Unfortunately, these same benchmark tests don’t clear up the some other mysteries about the new iPads.

iPhone XS Max whips Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in speed tests


Apple wins benchmark and real-world comparisons of the performance of the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy Note 9.
Apple wins benchmark and real-world comparisons of the performance of the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy Note 9.
Screenshot: SuperSaf TV

Both Samsung and Apple offer really large smartphones fo those who want to carry a miniature tablet around with them everywhere. Anyone trying to decide between the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy Note 9 should consider which one offers better performance.

In several head-to-head tests, the iPhone solidly beats its Android-based rival. That’s in both benchmarks and real-world use.

Benchmarks prove iOS 12 is Apple’s fastest yet


iOS 12
Apple promised a speed increase from iOS 12. How well did it deliver?
Photo: Apple

Since the day Apple first unveiled iOS 12 back in June the company has been saying that this new version of its mobile operating system be faster than any of its predecessors. Now that it’s out, we can test that promise.

We put a iPhone X running iOS 12 through benchmark tests and compared the results to this device running iOS 11. Spoiler: you’re going to like the results.

Geekbench scores reveal RAM upgrades in new iPhones


iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
The iPhone XS Max is fast, but the smaller XS might be even quicker. The iPhone XR isn't too bad, either.
Photo: Apple

The new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR haven’t been released yet, but a handful of Geekbench scores are already available. 

These reveal more than just how fast the devices run (spoiler: very fast) but also how much RAM is in each model.

iPhone X smokes Galaxy Note 9 in speed tests


Samsung leaks Galaxy Note 9 early
The Note 9 looks good in blue.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 has lost to the iPhone X in speed test, even though the smartphone packs one of the best processors and more RAM than any of Apple’s phones.

The Galaxy Note 9 was revealed at an event yesterday and has already been scored on Geekbench and a number of other performance testing tools. Despite being newer, the Galaxy Note 9 didn’t even top the OnePlus 6.

Check out the standings:

These 2018 MacBook Pro models are the best values


2018 MacBook Pro
Figuring out which 2018 MacBook Pro is fastest or cheapest is easy. We puzzled out which offers the most bang for the buck.
Photo: Apple

You need a 2018 MacBook Pro, but there are a bunch of configurations to choose from, with the top model more than twice as expensive as the base one. Of course, Apple is asking you to pay extra for a faster processor, but is the additional cost worth it?

We took benchmarking scores for all the variations of the newest macOS laptop and divided them by the cost of each. The results might well surprise you.

2018 MacBook Pro performance shows dramatic improvement


The new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar up the ante for pro users.
2018 MacBook Pro performance offers the biggest year-over-year improvements since the release of the 2011 models.
Photo: Apple

The 15- and 13-inch MacBook Pro models launching this week boast significantly faster processors. Tests with the Geekbench benchmarking tool show speed increases as high as 86 percent.

The improvements come from faster Turbo Burst frequencies and more processor cores.

2018 iPhone getting a big RAM boost


2018 iPhone rumors 3D mockups
Benchmark scores for a prototype 2018 iPhone X Plus reveal the amount of RAM and the processor speed, plus an early look at the performance.
Photo: Mac Otakara

Someone testing a 2018 iPhone prototype inadvertently uploaded benchmark results for this device. Among the other details revealed is an indication that this will be the first iPhone with 4GB of RAM.

Naturally, the Geekbench results also include the performance. However, with the model still months away, scores are a bit underwhelming.