How 2020’s 13-inch MacBook Pro benchmarks stack up against Apple’s other laptops


Looks stunning. But is it worth the upgrade versus last year's model?
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Want to know how the new 13-inch MacBook Pro stacks up against its predecessor or other MacBooks on the market? A new report by Japanese language Apple blog Macotakara compares the Geekbench CPU scores for various MacBooks.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro, announced earlier this week, has a Geekbench score of 4565 and 1093 for multi and single core scores for its Intel Core i7 variant. Meanwhile, the lower spec Intel Core i5-sporting MacBook Pro model scores 4489 and 1066. That’s only marginally better than 2019 13-inch models.

Although, if pure processing power is what you’re after, you’re better off opting for the 16-inch MacBook Pro Apple debuted last year!

Early Mac Pro benchmarks won’t blow you away


Mac Pro cheese grater
You might be better off with iMac Pro instead.
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Early benchmarks for the 2019 Mac Pro have now started surfacing online — and they might be a disappointment for some.

The scores achieved by entry-level and mid-tier machines are similar to those you will get from a 2017 iMac Pro. In fact, iMac Pro and even the budget Mac mini achieve significantly higher scores in some tests.

Newest 13-inch MacBook Pro brings unbelievable speed boost


2019 MacBook Pro Fortnite
It's not clear what is causing the problem.
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Apple promised its newest 13-inch MacBook Pro would deliver faster performance than the previous model. But we weren’t expecting to be up to 83% faster!

That’s the kind of speed increase you’re getting with the latest model, according to early benchmarks. It gives existing owners a massive reason to upgrade — even if they have no interest in the Touch Bar.

Latest MacBook Pro blows away its predecessors


2019 MacBook Pro
The 2019 MacBook Pro is the first with an 8-core processor, giving it better performance running complex software.
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Apple’s marketing for the recently-announced 2019 MacBook Pro emphasizes how much faster it than last year’s model, and now a benchmark score may confirm that this macOS laptop is almost 30 percent speedier.

Latest iMac blows away its predecessors


New iMacs should get people revved up.
iMacs with new Intel processors provide plenty of performance.
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Apple unveiled improved iMac versions last week, and what’s apparently an early benchmark score indicates that a top-tier model will be up to 75 percent faster than its predecessor in everyday use.

That’s not surprising, given the newer Intel processor.

Apple’s newest iPads are just as fast as the latest iPhones


The complete iPad lineup now includes Apple Pencil support, best-in-class performance, advanced displays and all-day battery life, Apple says.
Apple's new iPads are a much-needed upgrade.
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The first Geekbench report on Apple’s new iPads suggests that at least one of the new tablets has a benchmark score of 4,806 and multi-core performance of 11,607. Those numbers put it roughly on a par with Apple’s iPhone XS Max.

Although it lags (understandably) behind the pricier and more power iPad Pro, it’s certainly promising news.