Grid Autosport multiplayer beta races onto iOS, but it’s only temporary


Take on other racers today.
Photo: Feral Interactive

A brand-new multiplayer mode just entered beta testing for hit racing simulator Grid Autosport on iOS. You can try it out if you own a recent iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.1 or later.

Don’t get too excited about multiplayer, however. Publisher Feral Interactive notes that this test is to “explore the feasibility of online multiplayer for racing games.” It won’t be a permanent fixture.

Award-winning strategy game Company of Heroes lands on iPad


A must-have for any RTS fan.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Company of Heroes, the award-winning World War II strategy game, today makes the leap to iPad.

The mobile version is a complete port of the original, which first debuted in 2006 — but it has been completely rebuilt for tablets. And if you’re into real-time strategy games, you’re going to love it.

“Our aim is that the experience of playing Company of Heroes on mobile should be as fantastic as it was on desktop,” publisher Feral Interactive told Cult of Mac.

Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion marches onto iPhone


Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion 2
One of the deepest strategy games to make it onto iPhone yet.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Rome: Total War — Barbarian Invasion, a classic PC and Mac game that pits the Roman empire against barbarian hordes, has been tweaked to bring its incredibly immersive gameplay to the iPhone’s small screen.

Players get to experience the final years of the empire as a barbarian commander determined to bring down Rome’s power structure. Alternatively, they can play a Roman general looking to quash the rebellion once and for all. It’s all kinds of awesome!

The wait for Tropico on iOS is almost over


Tropico for iOS
You’ll be able to play it first on iPad.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Popular construction simulator Tropico finally has a release date for iOS. You’ll be able to play it before the end of the year on your iPad and in 2019 on your iPhone.

Pre-order the game today to have it download automatically as soon as it hits the App Store.

Grid is bringing high-performance racing to iOS


GRID Autosport racing
The GRID franchise is going mobile!
Photo: Feral Interactive

The Grid racing franchise is going mobile! Feral Interactive today revealed Grid Autosport for iOS, which will put high-performance racing in your pocket this fall.

The game will pack supercars from the likes of McLaren, Audi, Pagani and more. And you won’t have to worry about in-app purchases.

XCOM Enemy Unknown: Elite Edition Hits The Mac App Store, Needs A Serious Rig To Play It


XCOM Elite Edition

Critically acclaimed real time strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, has just hit the Mac App Store with a new Elite Edition, just for the Mac.

XCOM stands for Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, and the game lives up to its name, with turn-based tactical battles on a global scale, with a solid storyline and deep role playing game systems to boot. If you’re a sci-fi gamer who loved StarCraft I and II, XCOM is right up your alien-infested alley.

And now it’s finally on the Mac.