XCOM: Enemy Unknown Hits The Steam Store With Cross-Platform Multiplayer




XCOM: Enemy Unknown, inarguably the best turn-based, squad-level strategy game on the Mac, is now available from the Steam store — with some big differences from its Mac Store sibling.

Unlike the Mac Store version, which bundles the original game along with its two small DLC packs, the Steam version lets you choose whether you want the DLC or not. That also means the Steam version is $10 cheaper, selling for $40 (with the two DLC packs at $7 and $5 each).

But the biggest draw for the Steam version is the cross-platform multiplayer, giving Mac players the ability to challenge PC opponents — something the Mac Store version doesn’t allow.

  • MacGamerHQ

    Cool to see Feral is finally embracing Steam. I mean, pricing wise, you can have your preferences between the Steam version and the Mac App Store version, but if you think about multiplayer, Steam-play is AWESOME, allowing cross platform multiplayer between Mac and PC. With that in mind, who would get to Mac App Store version now?

  • Jeff

    but there is no cross-platform support for this game: you can’t play mutliplayer against someone on a PC if you have the mac version