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‘Spaceship’ campus showcases Apple’s obsessive levels of perfectionism


Apple hQ
Seriously, were you expecting anything else?
Photo: Apple

The inside of Apple’s forthcoming “spaceship” campus — now entering the final stages of construction — demonstrates typically Apple level of design perfectionism, according to a new report.

Apple’s demands for the project reportedly include rules that no vents or pipework be reflected in the massive glass windows which run around the campus. There are also copious details on the special wood used throughout the building, nitpicks about minimalist signage, and much, much more.

Apple spaceship campus close to completion in latest flyover


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 14.40.20
The "spaceship" is almost ready for blastoff.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

A new 4K drone flyover video from UAV operator Matthew Roberts shows that Apple’s “spaceship” Campus 2 is looking virtually ready to go, with the final touches being added to the massive HQ.

The site was originally supposed to be completed last year, but overran slightly. From the look of things, however, the wait is going to certainly be worthwhile.

Check out the video below:

Drone flyover video reveals latest state of Apple’s new spaceship campus


How the new campus will eventually look.
Photo: Apple

A new drone video provides the latest glimpse at how Apple’s futuristic “spaceship” campus is coming together, three years after the company broke ground on the impressive HQ.

Rather than just showing us the massive Apple campus as it looks today, YouTuber Matthew Roberts gives us a “year-end” montage, showing progress made since the middle of the year.

Steve Jobs narrates this awesome drone footage of Apple’s ‘spaceship’


Apple's new campus is looking sweeter than ever.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Apple’s eagerly-anticipated $5 billion “spaceship” Apple campus is coming along nicely, according to a new drone video shot by Silicon Valley-based photographer/videographer Duncan Sinfield.

Using a DJI Inspire 1 drone to fly over the construction site, Sinfield’s skilfully-edited video not only includes annotated descriptions of what viewers are seeing, but also progress comparisons with footage from early August, and even a nifty voiceover from none other than Steve Jobs — taken from his Cupertino City Council pitch in 2011.

Check it out below.

Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ HQ could have been called the Steve Jobs Campus


What the finished product will look like.
The Steve Jobs Campus?
Photo: Apple

If Apple’s former CEO had been more sentimental, we’d be referring to the company’s upcoming “Spaceship” headquarters as the Steve Jobs campus, according to an interesting tidbit in Stephen Fry’s Telegraph article about Jony Ive’s promotion.

While being given a tour of the rapidly advancing Apple Campus 2 site, Fry suggested it should be named after Jobs, who died in 2011 but was heavily involved with the early stages of planning.

“Oh, Steve made his views on that very clear,” said Tim Cook — hinting that the idea was discussed, but that Jobs wasn’t a massive fan of it.

Drone flyover shows how Apple’s Campus 2 is coming together


Apple Campus 2 Rendered
A rendering showing Apple's Campus 2 as it will appear in 2016. Photo: Apple

We’re hours away from one of Apple’s most important special events in years, so what better time than to check in on the progress the company has made on its forthcoming Campus 2, courtesy of a new drone flyover video.

The video shows the extent to which the futuristic “spaceship” campus is taking shape, with much of the landscaping done. Earthwork is set to continue until the middle of this year, and overall construction is set to be completed by late 2016.

Check out the video below.

Apple car? Cupertino’s got the design talent to transform another industry


One of the designers in Apple's Industrial Design Group helped create this shape-shifting fabric-covered car for BMW. Photo: BMW

As rumors that Apple is making a self-driving car rev up, a peek under the hood of the company’s famed Industrial Design studio reveals a crew of talented automobile designers.

An interest in futuristic cars is embedded deep within the DNA of Apple’s vaunted design team. Working under Jony Ive, Apple employs designers who worked on several fantastic concept cars, including a fabric-covered BMW that shifts shape depending on speed.

Ive has long been obsessed by cars. (He has quite a stable.) As a teenager, Ive wanted to be a car designer. He visited a U.K. design school that specialized in automotives with a view to studying there, but he found the other students too weird. They were making “vroom vroom” noises as they sketched. Instead, he went to Newcastle Polytechnic (which has since been renamed Northumbria University).

A look at other key members of Apple’s design team, and at a super-secret research-and-development facility planned for the company’s new campus, offers a few clues about how Cupertino might go about producing innovative and unconventional cars.

Apple’s Campus 2 takes shape in new drone video


What the finished product will look like.
What the finished product will look like.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new UFO-shaped campus is coming on in leaps and bounds, as per a new video from drone photographer and YouTube user myithz.

Myithz flew his DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus quadrocopter over Cupertino’s Campus 2 and recorded footage showing that the front portion of the building is now cemented, while the subterranean walls have also been built along the sides.