Apple's Spaceship campus hits a snag as contractors leave project

Apple’s Spaceship campus hits a snag as contractors leave project


What the finished product will look like.
Trouble in paradise?
Photo: Apple

Is trouble brewing for Apple’s forthcoming Spaceship campus, set to be opened by the end of 2016?

According to a recent report, Apple’s initial contractors for the project — DPR Construction and Skanska USA — are parting ways with Apple, and will be transitioned off the build over the next several weeks.

In their place, another company named Rudolph & Sletten will perform the interior buildout for the project, while DPR/Skanska’s role will finish with the “core and shell” of the new campus.

To be fair to DPR and Skanska, it is unknown if they were ever intended to be involved with the entire project from start to finish, although many suspect that they were. Apple’s troubled relationship with the two contractors is reportedly down to delays and mounting costs which weren’t foreseen in their original bid.

A leaked email from a Skanska executive sent to employees notes that the split with Apple (referred to in the email as “the customer”) is disappointing. Skanska will reportedly lose around $800 million as a result of leaving the project.

Whether this has any impact on the planned completion date of Apple’s fantastic new HQ remains to be seen.

Via: MacNN