Steve Jobs narrates this awesome drone footage of Apple’s ‘spaceship’


Apple's new campus is looking sweeter than ever.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Apple’s eagerly-anticipated $5 billion “spaceship” Apple campus is coming along nicely, according to a new drone video shot by Silicon Valley-based photographer/videographer Duncan Sinfield.

Using a DJI Inspire 1 drone to fly over the construction site, Sinfield’s skilfully-edited video not only includes annotated descriptions of what viewers are seeing, but also progress comparisons with footage from early August, and even a nifty voiceover from none other than Steve Jobs — taken from his Cupertino City Council pitch in 2011.

Check it out below.

The ‘spaceship’ campus is designed to squeeze in a massive 12,000 Apple employees. For those keeping track at home, that’s the equivalent of 35 fully-filled Boeing 747s of Apple staffers, alongside a visitor cafe, 10,114-square-foot gift shop, rooftop viewing space, auditorium and much more.

Among other things, Sinfield’s latest drone videos shows that the campus’ 2-story underground carpark has now been mostly completed, metal roofing has been added, a second 4-story garage has received its first floor, and the corporate auditorium is developing quickly.

We’ve heard that the project is meant to be finished in late 2016, although earlier this year Apple parted ways with the project’s initial contractors — meaning that things might take a bit longer than previously thought.

Still, if anyone can pull this off on time, it’s Apple!

Via: Archinect