The Bling on this smart cycling helmet flashes for safety


The Bling helmet by LIVALL features LED lights for turn signals and night riding along with Bluetooth speakers for safe phone calls and music listening.
The Bling helmet by LIVALL features LED lights for turn signals and night riding along with Bluetooth speakers for safe phone calls and music listening.

The cycling helmet is often referred to as a brain bucket. It has kept many a melon in one piece after falls and collisions and there’s no smarter wearable for your ride.

One helmet promises to offer more smarts. It’s called the Bling Helmet by LIVALL and it is aptly named because of how it flashes.

The Sony MDR-X10 Headphones: Absolutely The Best Bass Bang for Your Buck [Review]



Anyone dismissing the Sony MDR-X10 headphones as simply yet another bombastic, over-the-top, celebrity-designed fashion statement for teenage bass junkies would be wrong. Easily forgiven, but wrong.

While most of those descriptive terms ring true — the big, lurid cans apparently received design input from none other than big, lurid entertainment personality Simon Cowell, and they’re definitely aimed toward the bass-obsessed — the X10s differ significantly from their brethren, and actually stand out prominently against an ocean of boom.

In other words, if you’re looking for bass-heavy headphones, this is your first stop; but even if you’re not, the X10s are so good they might win you over anyway.

MDR-X10 by Sony
Category: Headphones
Price: $200

Shure Enters the Ultra High-End Earphone Arena with its New SE846




It’s strange to think that, till now, as big a high-end audio player as Shure has had no answer to the extravagant, big-gun, flagship in-ear monitor models of its rivals — models like the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom, or the JH Audio JH16 Pro.

But now they do — big time. The new SE846 extends Shure’s highly regarded SE line well beyond the SE535, previously their top, most expensive IEM.

This $15M iPhone With A Black Diamond Home Button Is The Most Hideous Piece Of Bling Ever



If you are an extremely wealthy individual with questionable intelligence, horrible financial acumen and the good taste of a Teletubby, there are any number of horrible bling purveyors who will be happy to take your iPhone and encrust it in so much bling that even R. Kelly would think it was a tacky waste of blood diamonds.

So it’s no surprise that some Hong Kong businessman commissioned a $15 million diamong encrusted iPhone 5, which is, of course, absolutely hideous. The centerpiece? A giant, 26-carat black diamond as the home button.

Monster’s Not Even Pretending Anymore: It Finally Becomes a Fashion Company [CES 2012]


The Diamond Tears in black (they'll also be available in white)

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – Or maybe it’s that they’re pretending even less. The amount of bling at the Monster “booth” — it was actually more of a compound, complete with a super-secret inner sanctum — would make Snooki (who was at the show) blush. Their three newly released headphones seemed far more focused on fashion than sound; even Monster founder Nole Lee’s Segway (was it a Segway?) rolled around on gold-rimmed wheels. Then there were the booth fashion shows…

Sena Folio iPad 2 Case: Hand-Crafted Lusciousness, with a Dash of Practicality [Review]



There’re few materials that can match leather for wear resistance and luxuriousness; and if you’re using an iPad in a professional or fashion-forward setting, leather makes a great choice.

Problem is, leather cases tend not to be the most practical solutions: They’re generally portlier than their proletariat plastic counterparts, and they’re also generally don’t allow for mucking about with positioning much.

Ah, but the updated Sena Folio for iPad ($100) is different.

We’ve Never Seen a Case as Finely Tuned as the Rokform Rokbed iPhone 4 Case [Review]



It’s difficult to find stuff made on U.S. soil these days. Heck, sometimes it seems like nothing is made here. But that’s not true of the elite, exo-skeletal Rockform Rokbed iPhone 4 case ($80), intricately machined from a solid block of aluminum: It’s designed and manufactured in the good ol’ U.S.A. (and it’s not shy about saying so), in Orange County, California by one of the most unlikely outfits to make an iPhone case — the motorcycle fanatics at Two Brothers Racing.

Arnald Work Bag Cradles Your Macbook with a Modern Touch of Vintage Style [Review]


Arnald Work Bag

If you’re someone who has even the smallest regards towards fashion, then you’ve probably given some serious thought as to which bag to use for toting your precious MacBook around. What you wear says just as much about you as your MacBook does. If you’re looking for something that looks great for casual occasions but can also feel dressed up enough for business meetings, then you need to consider the Arnald Work Bag from The Property Of. We were lucky enough to receive a bags from the Amsterdam based company and here’s our take.

Astounding JH16 Pro Earphones Sound — and Priced — Like Pure Gold [Review]


jh16 cover-1

During the pre-review back-and-forth with Jerry Harvey’s vaunted audiophile-focused lab — the flagship creation of which are the JH Audio JH16 Pro in-ear monitors being reviewed here — I asked them offhandedly how a set of IEMs with eight drivers in each ear (that’s right, almost unbelievably, eight tiny armatures and a crossover are cocooned within each earpiece) would compare with something akin to the single-driver-per-ear Etymotic hf2’s we liked so much. The answer came back: Don’t be daft.

These iPhone 4s Cost 8 Million Dollars



Usually when we see an iPhone like this, it’s the handset of some Saudi Arabian oil prince or B-list rapper whose definition of class is synonymous with champagne fused with gold flakes, and whom has duly paid Swarovski some forty or fifty grand to dip his iPhone 4 into some horse glue and then roll it in their overpriced crushings of glass.

This handset is actually different, though. Instead of paying $40,000 for a Swarovski iPhone 4, two Australian businessmen paid customizer Stuart Hughes eight million dollars to plate their iPhone 4s in gold and then encrust them in over five hundred diamonds totaling over 100 karats.