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Opera for iOS adds AI browsing


Now you have another option for using AI on your iPhone.
Now you have another option for using AI on your iPhone.
Photo: Opera

The Opera browser for iOS now features an artificially intelligent assistant created in collaboration with OpenAI. Opera calls it Aria, and says it “offers you a cutting-edge generative AI service for free.”

Similarly to other such tools, Opera integrated its AI into the browser and makes it free to use once you opt in.

Apple gets ready to take on ChatGPT with ‘Apple GPT’


Apple reportedly is scrambling to catch up in the generative artificial intelligence department.
Image: Hal Gatewood/Unsplash License/Modified by Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly developed its own generative AI chatbot that’s very similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. While this might never be released, the underlying tech is already going into the company’s applications and services.

If true, the chatbot’s technology could be a significant upgrade to the Siri digital assistant that’s built into so many Apple products — and that currently draws so much criticism.

Job postings hint Apple is developing its own generative AI chatbot


Siri may be in for new voice lessons soon.
Siri might get smarter.
Photo: Apple

Apple is apparently responding to criticism that it doesn’t offer real competition for OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, two AI-powered chatbots that have made so many headlines in recent months. Job postings show the Mac-maker is on a hiring spree for people skilled in generative AI.

Perhaps Apple’s voice-activated system Siri is in for a significant jump in capabilities.

See full demo of Humane’s AI-powered ‘iPhone killer’


You call that an iPhone killer? See Humane’s first public demo.
Screens?! We don't need no stinkin' screens!!"
Screenshot: Humane/TED Talks

Humane, a startup founded by Apple veterans, recently gave a demo of a device intended to kill the smartphone. The new device doesn’t have a display — instead, it projects information onto the user’s hand. But that’s just hardware — the company’s real goal is creating a personalized artificial intelligence that can go everywhere.

Initial details of the as-yet-unnamed product leaked out a few weeks ago. The full video demonstration is now ready to be watched.

5 reasons to ignore Apple’s rare revenue dip


Apple logo overlayed in front of a stormy sky with sun breaking through the clouds, and the text,
Despite a 3% year-to-year drop in quarterly revenue (to "only" $94.8 billion), Apple delivers plenty of reasons for optimism.
Photos: Michael & Diane Weidner and Sumudu Mohottige/Unsplash License/Modified by Cult of Mac

Perhaps the best phrase to describe the results of Apple’s most recent financial quarter is, “It could have been worse.” Total revenue dropped 3% as the company battled inflation and other macroeconomic problems not of its making.

Still, Apple’s quarterly numbers beat the overly pessimistic Wall Street estimates. And there is more good news buried in the results Apple reported Thursday (and in the company’s earnings call with investors). Read on for five reasons to be optimistic about Apple’s future.

Apple preps an AI-powered personal wellness coach


Apple preps an AI-powered personal wellness coach
You won't need this guy if a AI on your Apple Watch can do the same job.
Photo: Cliff Booth/Pexels

Apple reportedly wants to use the power of artificial intelligence to create a virtual coach integrated into Apple Watch.

In addition, Apple’s Health app allegedly will get new features for those with vision problems, and to help users track their moods.

Siri desperately needs some ChatGPT-like smarts


Siri desperately needs some ChatGPT-like smarts
There's a lot Siri doesn't understand. And that's a problem.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

Users have complained about the limitations of the Siri “intelligent” assistant for years, but now that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is showing the world that artificial intelligence can do amazing things, it’s never been more obvious that Apple’s version is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Not only does this make Apple look bad, it makes HomePod less useful. Really, it makes all the company’s products less useful than they could be.

Apple needs to step up its AI game or it risks being left out of an important new wave of computing.