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Apple Signs iCloud Deal with EMI as WWDC Approaches


Image courtesy of iPhoneFAQ
Image courtesy of iPhoneFAQ

As this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference approaches, it seems Apple’s plan to bring us a magical cloud filled with a never-ending collection of music called ‘iCloud’ is getting its final touches. Sources say a licensing deal with music label EMI is now in place, but what about the other labels?

Music industry squealers speaking to CNET say that in addition to the deal with EMI, Apple is “very close” to completing deals with both Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. A deal with Warner Music Group was already signed last month, so it seems all four of the industry’s big boys will soon be members of Apple’s gang.

Negotiations with the remaining two labels could wrap up as early as next week, according to the sources – just in time for WWDC on June 6th. Finalizing these deals is said to be the final step in Apple’s plan.

Despite the recent launch of similar services from Amazon and Google, making friends with the music labels means Apple’s iCloud can make a mockery of its rivals when it launches. Without licensing deals in place, Amazon’s Cloud Player and Google’s Music Beta cannot sell or allow users to listen to music that they don’t already own. Instead these services are just ‘digital lockers’, allowing users to store their music collections in the cloud for access from internet-connected devices.