Adobe Releases First Three Photoshop Touch Apps for iPad


Photoshop Touch for iPad

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10 responses to “Adobe Releases First Three Photoshop Touch Apps for iPad”

  1. Danielsw says:

    I’m eager to try these once I get my iPad.

    This seems to be pretty innovative on Adobe’s part, and seems to show there’re no lingering bad feelings over Apple’s snubbing Flash on iOS devices.

  2. Guest says:


    Perhaps you didn’t know that Flash is on iOS through Adobe AIR.

  3. prof_peabody says:

    I’m sorry, but these are really quite lame.

    The only reason you’d want to mix paint like that is if you were doing natural media drawing & painting and no one serious about it would use Photoshop for that, they’d use Painter. The tools palette is especially lame, I just can’t think of a single scenario where that would come in handy. “Eazel” looks identical to most other painting apps already on the iOS app store despite the write up. It’s a finger painting app. So what?

  4. ZegWoo says:

    Wow this makes a lot of sense dude, very good stuff dude.

  5. notbuyingintoyourfanboyism says:

    I have to agree with
    @ZegWoo:disqus Prof. Peabody
    . I just don’t see how these are useful in any real way. Sure, they’re neat, but I don’t need another neat app that serves no real purpose. I would hope that Adobe has something much more exciting and useful planned.
    And seriously, just because it’s related to Apple, it doesn’t deserve automatic praise. Some of the fanboys on this site are going to sprain their lips kissing Apple’s ass so intensely.

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