Name your price for complete Adobe training [Deals]


Get the skills you need with Adobe's creative apps for whatever you want to pay.
Get the skills you need with Adobe's creative apps for whatever you want to pay.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As time goes on, the digital is becoming more and more synonymous with the visual. If you want to work in the digital space at all, it really pays to learn some graphic design or photo editing skills. So that means getting familiar with Adobe’s software.

Get legit tools and lessons for screenwriting, coding, and more [Week’s Best Deals]


Get pro-level tools and guidance for screenwriting, graphic design, coding, and more.
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We’re right in the middle of the dog days of summer. But the hottest place you’ll find is at the Cult of Mac Store. We’ve been busy stacking up a bunch of new deals that are ideal for digital creatives. We’ve got a set of lessons in coding for the all new iOS 11, and Adobe’s suite of graphic design apps. There’s also the industry standard app for screenwriters, and a rugged phone tripod for mobile photography and video. Discounts range from 40 percent to 95 percent off, read on for more details:

Everything new with Apple’s Photos app in macOS High Sierra


Cult of Mac
The Photos app in macOS High Sierra comes packed with great new features.
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In macOS High Sierra, the built-in Photos app packs some great new tools as well as lots of small improvements. It brings better organization, new editing tools (like selective color and curves), and extended integration with third-party apps.

Check out all the new features and improvements in Apple’s Photos app.

Pocket airplanes, Adobe graphic design courses, and more [Week’s Best Deals]


Put a plane in your pocket, master Adobe Creative Suite, and more with this week's best deals.
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Summer’s here, and along with the warm sunshine come hot new deals in the Cult of Mac Store. This week, we’ve got an awesome smartphone-controlled plane, a set of comprehensive courses in graphic design for Adobe Creative Suite, a time-saving task manager, and a powerful VPN. Read on for more details:

This toy Mac built for dolls now runs Photoshop


This tiny toy Mac runs Photoshop for work on tiny pictures.
This tiny Mac can run tiny Photoshop for work on tiny pictures.
Photo: Javier Rivera

Javier Rivera has a daughter, but the American Girl doll accessory he found on eBay was for him. It was a miniature Macintosh computer, a non-working toy for an 18-inch doll, and he had to have it.

The nerd in him believed he could make it run Photoshop.

Why the iPhone 7 Plus camera is a major milestone


The iPhone 7 Plus made 2016 a memorable year for photography.
The iPhone 7 Plus made 2016 a memorable year for photography.
Illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

2016 Year in Review Cult of Mac We roll our eyes when Tim Cook introduces a new iPhone and says, “This is the best iPhone ever” each year. But the iPhone 7 Plus will be different.

Sure, ambitious upgrades remain in the pipeline, but the remarkable camera in the iPhone 7 Plus will make this year’s model memorable. Fifty years from now, photography historians will talk about the iPhone 7 Plus they way they do the first Leica or the first Polaroid.

Everything you can do with MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar


macbook pro touch bar
Want to try the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar without dropping a few grand?
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new Touch Bar looks like the most exciting new feature we’ve seen on the MacBook Pro in years.

Instead of fumbling to remember shortcuts, Touch Bar puts a handful of commands at your fingertips and dynamically adjusts to whatever app you’re in.

That sounds pretty magical, but what will that actually be good for? Developers will need to add support for their apps, so it might take a few months before Touch Bar really takes off. But if you’re doubting the usefulness of having a touch screen bar at the top of your keyboard, here are the cool things you can do on the Touch Bar.

When you need to fix your face, download China’s Photoshop for selfies: MeituPic


MeituPic lets you "fix" your selfies fast by removing blemishes, lightening skin tones, thinning your face, enlarging eyes, darkening eyebrows, etc.
Screenshots: MeituPic

Made_in_china_bugMainland China is Apple’s second biggest market, and will one day be its first. The company is making a big push on the mainland, opening new stores and investing in home-grown companies. Why the interest? Because China is the new Japan — it’s where the future is happening. All this week we take a look at the cutting-edge apps that define mobile life on the mainland.

SHANGHAI CITY, China — A Chinese friend of mine recently started a fashion blog and asked me to take and edit some photos of her. We met up one sunny afternoon and I snapped various shots of her posing in a local park for an hour or so. After the shoot, we took a look at the photos together and she selected a few for me to edit. I took a crack at the photos in Photoshop, but she was far from satisfied.

“You barely even fixed my face,” she told me. “Just send me the photos and I’ll edit them on my iPhone.”

I was mystified. What iPhone app can rival the technology of Photoshop? How exactly was she going to “fix” her face?