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Today in Apple history: Photoshop debuts as a Mac exclusive


Adobe Systems' Photoshop launch changed the game for image editing.
Photoshop changed the game for image editing.
Photo: Adobe Systems

February 19 Today in Apple history: Photoshop debuts as a Mac exclusive February 19, 1990: Adobe ships the first commercial version of its soon-to-be-iconic Photoshop photo editing software. The Photoshop launch, exclusively on the Macintosh, gives users new powerful tools for tweaking digital photographs.

The groundbreaking software debuts for Mac System 6.0.3. Priced at $895, Photoshop will quickly become the standard editing tool for graphics professionals. Whether they work for advertising agencies, news organizations — or, frankly, anywhere else — Photoshop users take advantage of the program’s digital darkroom tools to seamlessly manipulate images.

Photography will never be the same.

Adobe Firefly turns Photoshop into effortless AI image generator


Generative Fill in Photoshop
Just tell Photoshop what you want and Generative Fill will add it.
Photo: Adobe

With Generative Fill in Photoshop, users can select an area in their image then tell the app what they want added and the application will generate the addition through the power of artificial intelligence.

It’s the latest addition to Adobe Firefly, a collection of tools for generative AI.

Unleash your creative side with 26 Adobe apps on sale


Unleash your creative side with a month-long access to over 20 Adobe apps, now only $29.99.
Make pro-quality art, design and more with Adobe Creative Cloud for just $29.99.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

What Microsoft Office is to the 9-to-5 worker, Adobe is to designers, photographers and almost anyone working in the creative field. That’s been true for a long time, but fees for this high-end software can be a significant barrier to entry for those looking to use these essential tools.

Not anymore, though. This special offer lets new customers work with more than 20 apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud for only $29.99 (regularly $82) for one month.

Turn Photoshop into a time machine with this film emulator


Give Photoshop a run for its money with this film emulator.
Transform digital images into vintage photos with this film emulator.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether it’s grainy stills from an early ’70s flick or iconic black-and-white images of world events, seeing photos from bygone eras can feel like traveling through time. But retouching an image to achieve that vintage look can take hours, even for photo editors who know their way around Photoshop.

Luckily, these inexpensive film emulator Photoshop actions can mimic the look of vintage film stock, giving you ultimate control over the way your images look.

Take 40% off the color-matching sensor that designers love


Take 40% off the color-matching sensor that designers love.
Match any color you see with this easy-to-use gadget.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

“Close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, as the saying goes — and it definitely doesn’t count when you’re trying to match paint colors. Actually, there are a lot of situations where the human eye could use a little help when it comes to color.

Luckily, the Nix Mini Color Sensor — essentially a Photoshop Eyedropper tool in real life — is here to fill that need for $59.

Adobe makes Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements faster and easier


Adobe makes Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements faster and easier
Add Moving Elements to photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023.
Photo: Adobe

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023 and Premiere Elements 2023 launched Thursday. These are the latest versions of apps intended to simplify photo and video editing simple for users at any skill level.

They offer new AI-powered features, as well as new step-by-step Guided Edits. Plus, it helps users add animation to photos.

Photoshop for iPad simplifies removing objects and backgrounds from images


Photoshop 3.6 on the iPad includes Content-Aware Fill.
Easily take objects from images with a new tool in Photoshop for iPad: Content-Aware Fill.
Image: Adobe

Adobe’s Photoshop on the iPad just got some very useful features carried over from the desktop version, including Content-Aware Fill and Remove Background. Plus, Select Subject got a human-centric update. These make it easier to remove objects from images, or put new backgrounds behind subjects.

In addition, Adobe gave its Fresco painting application for iPad the Liquify and Magic Wand functions on Tuesday.

Learn Photoshop for less than $4 a course with this top-rated Adobe bundle


Become a Photoshop expert with this complete masterclass
Become a Photoshop pro with this top-rated master class.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Adobe Photoshop can be one of the greatest and most powerful tools you’ll ever use on your Mac — if you know how to use it. Forget expensive graphic design college courses, though: You can learn everything you need in your own time, from home, with The 2022 Premier Adobe Photoshop Master Class Bundle.

This comprehensive course is on sale for $25 today (regular price $1,400). With seven separate courses in this bundle, that works out to less than $4 a course.

Photoshop for iPad gets useful new tools


Photoshop for iPad enhanced with smudge and sponge tools
Adobe improves Photoshop for iPad with smudge and sponge tools.
Photo: Adobe

Adobe added the smudge and sponge tools to Photoshop for iPad on Tuesday. These are just the latest improvements to the tablet edition of this image-editing application. They’re part of a long-term strategy the software developer has used since the touchscreen-enhanced version of Photoshop launched in 2019.

Adobe bundles easy-to-use photo and video tools in Creative Cloud Express


Adobe's new Creative Cloud Express app aims to make content creation easier for all.
Adobe's new Creative Cloud Express app aims to make content creation easier for all.
Photo: Adobe

With its launch Monday of the Creative Cloud Express mobile and web app, Adobe bundles tools from its Creative Cloud Suite and Acrobat PDF into a simple platform amateurs can use to create a variety of projects. The app means to make it simple to make social media posts, promotional posters, invitations, videos and more.

Become an Adobe guru with this pre-Black Friday bundle


Get an awesome Design education for Black Friday prices.
Master the Adobe Creative Suite for one low price, on your own time schedule.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

For many lines of work, Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard software. And if you plan to make your mark in a creative industry, you will likely be expected to have some degree of mastery of programs like Adobe’s Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator, among others.

Ready to master the tools of the creative trades? You can get going with The Epic 2022 Adobe Creative Cloud Training Bundle. This extensive educational bundle normally costs $1,393, but you can grab it for just $19.97 during our Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters — no coupon needed.

Photoshop and Illustrator for iPad add powerful features artists crave


Photoshop and Illustrator for iPad add powerful features artists crave
Copy a raw image off your camera and open it in Photoshop 3.0 for iPad.
Graphic: Adobe

The just-released version of Photoshop on iPad lets users work with raw photos, making adjustments to images right out of the camera. And the new Illustrator on iPad adds a Vectorize feature, converting any image into a crisp, vector graphic.

The announcements came out of the Adobe Max conference, which kicks off Tuesday.

Adobe teases RAW image editing in Photoshop for iPad


Adobe teases RAW image editing in Photoshop for iPad
As seen here, Photoshop for iPad will soon be able to work with images in a variety of raw formats.
Screenshot: Adobe

Adobe promised Tuesday that Photoshop on the iPad will soon be able to work with images in a variety of raw formats.

Ryan Dumlao, product manager for this application, gave a sneak peek at the power of the upcoming feature for Apple tablets. Watch it now.

Save 68% on Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac and PC


Photoshop Elements for Mac
Now just $39.99 for a limited time.
Photo: Adobe

Get your hands on Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020, the most powerful image editing software for Mac and PC, at 68% off its usual price. The deal brings the cost of the full application down to just $39.99 — the lowest we’ve seen anywhere for this release — from the usual $99.99.

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Photoshop on iPad takes a big step toward desktop parity


Photoshop on iPad takes a big step toward desktop parity.
The Refine Edge Brush jumped from desktop to Photoshop on iPad on Monday.
Photo: Adobe/Cult of Mac

Adobe added Refine Edge Brush to Photoshop on iPad on Monday. Already a major feature of the desktop version, it allows users to select the edges of subjects covered in hair or fur, or with other very complex shapes.

In addition, the iPadOS version of this professional image-editing application can now easily rotate the canvas while editing.

Score more than 40 hours of Adobe graphic design training [Deals]


The 2020 Adobe Graphic Design Certification School
Get schooled in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Graphic design skills are useful for professionals and hobbyists alike. So whether you’re looking to boost your earning potential, or just make better use of your digital creative tools, this trio of courses in three top Adobe creative apps will give you the skills you seek.

The 2020 Adobe Graphic Design Certification School covers Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. And the whole thing is available at a small fraction of the usual cost.

Adobe bundles Photoshop, Fresco for iPad into one affordable sub


Enjoy both apps for just $9.99 a month.
Photo: Adobe

Adobe on Tuesday delivered a new bundle for iPad users that provides access to its Photoshop and Fresco apps for just $9.99 a month. That’s half the price users would have paid for both apps before.

In addition, Photoshop on iPad now has the ability to automatically find and update missing fonts in your work, and there’s a brand-new coloring book to enjoy.

Photoshop celebrates its 30th birthday with new features for iPad


The new Object Selection tool works like magic.
Photo: Adobe

Photoshop turns 30 today, and to celebrate this massive milestone, Adobe is rolling out some handy new tools for the iPad version of its app.

The latest update brings an Object Selection tool and Type settings. They help bring Photoshop for iPad a little bit closer to the desktop version, and they’re part of Adobe’s mission to deliver a “continuous stream” of new features.

There are some nice additions for Photoshop on desktop, too.

Instagram begins flying flags over fake photos


new policy at Instagram flagging fake photos
Heavily altered photos on Instagram are now being policed.
Screenshot: mixsociety/Instagram

Instagram users are starting to see blurred-out posts the platform’s fact-checkers have flagged as potential fakes.

The popular photosharing app now owned by Facebook announced last month it was ramping up efforts to combat false information in photographs.

AI-driven Select Subject tool added to Photoshop on iPad


Adobe Photoshop for iPad got a significant update today
Photoshop for iPad now has Select Subject powered by Artificial intelligence.
Photo: Adobe/Cult of Mac

A promised update to Photoshop on iPad debuted today. A notable new feature employs artificial intelligence to enable users to easily select the subjects of images. The latest version also makes accessing cloud storage much faster.

This is the first in a planned series of improvements for the iPad version of this professional image-editing software

Adobe chief defends Photoshop for iPad following poor reviews


As the great D:Ream once sang, things can only get better.
Photo: Apple

It’s no secret that Photoshop for iPad is unfinished. A lot of fans have accepted that and are enjoying it for what it is. But others are not, and they’ve forced one Adobe chief to defend its current state.

Scott Belsky, the company’s chief product officer, took to Twitter this week to explain Adobe’s process — and to promise that Photoshop for iPad will get better.