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Why does this MacBook Pro rig need a dock with 14 ports? [Setups]


Some setups just look nicely
Some setups just look nicely "lived in."
Photo: Infinite_Somewhere58@Reddit.com

In a world where advancing computer technology often seems like an arms race, with ever-more-powerful processors and compact chargers that pump out hundreds of watts, it’s no surprise docking stations keep boosting their port arrays.

Today’s featured MacBook Pro setup almost seems like it doesn’t have enough gear to merit its Plugable dock’s whopping 14 ports. But it supports multiple external displays for M1 Macs, and that’s why the user loves it.

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Dual-display MacBook Pro setup sports 14-in-1 docking station

Redditor Infinite_Somewhere58 (“IS”) showcased the well-connected setup in a post entitled, “My primary Mac Setup.”

Mounted open on a stand at left, he uses a 2021 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) to drive a pair of 27-inch Acer 1080p curved monitors.

12.9-inch iPad Pro

IS also keeps a 12.9-inch iPad Pro in the central mix.

“Genuine question,” a commenter asked. “What do you use iPad for? I tried to incorporate mine into the setup several times, but I just couldn’t find a use.”

“I use it for things that I don’t need on the bigger screens, like Apple Music, my password managers, terminal, activity monitor [and] [Microsoft] OneNote,” IS replied.

Tried-and-true Apple input devices

Other gear in the setup rings a fairly familiar bell — especially the input devices. IS relies on a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and numeric keypad, plus a Magic Trackpad 2.

For sound he’s got a Logitech multimedia speaker system with a woofer tucked in and around other gear (which is not ideal for the best audio quality, by the way). And his over-ear headphones are Cleer Enduro ANC

“They work pretty well, good sound, and the range is awesome on these,” he said. 

And the decor stands out a bit, too. Hasbro Transformer action figures watch over everything. And you don’t see an accent wall that fiery color every day, do you?

But one of the most important items in the setup is the dock. We’d call it “the humble dock,” but it’s actually kind of grandiose.

Plugable 14-in-1 USB-C and Thunderbolt dock

Plugable's dock bristles with ports.
Plugable’s dock bristles with ports.
Photo: Plugable

IS connects his peripherals with a Plugable 14-in-1 USB-C and Thunderbolt Dock that supports M1 multi-display, as he pointed out. It comes with a stand so you can stand it up vertically or lay it down horizontally.

The driverless dock features 40Gbps data transfer speed with 96W charging for the laptop. Festooned with ports, it includes two HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort, seven USB ports of varying types, plus ports for Ethernet, audio and SD/MicroSD. You also get audio in/out.

Need a mega-dock like that? It’s currently 26% off at $249.95 $183.96 on Amazon. You can find it and the other gear in the list below — even the Transformers!

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Input devices:



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Plugable 14-in-1 USB-C and Thunderbolt Dock

The dock features 40Gbps data transfer speeds with 96W of charging power for a laptop. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Includes 2X HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort, 7X USB Ports, Ethernet, Audio, SD/MicroSD.

10/03/2023 12:50 am GMT


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