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Protect hundreds of photos with just a click with Mass Watermark


This watermark app is on sale for a limited time.
This app makes it simple to add watermarks to all your images.
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Adding a watermark to your photos is a great way to avoid running into your work under another person’s name. The problem is that manually marking every one of your finished photos takes a lot of work.

Luckily, a Mac and PC app called Mass Watermark simplifies the watermarking process and massively cuts down on the time it takes to claim your photos. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription for just $9.99 (regularly $30).

Watermark photos quickly and easily

Mass Watermark makes the final steps of photo processing easier. It vies you easy-to-use tools for designing and applying watermarks, along with sizing and resizing photos.

These are some of the most important steps before you add a photo to your portfolio or sale page. And performing these tasks proves a lot easier with this tool in your bag.

The app’s designer feature lets you set up custom text and logos with just a few clicks. Instead of creating a watermark in a third-party app, Mass Watermark lets you do it with the same software you use to apply it.

Intelligent watermark sizing and placement

Mass Watermark also comes with an automated intelligent placement feature that takes over the minutiae of watermarking your images. It automatically calculates an appropriate size and scale for your watermarks, so you don’t need to keep fiddling with proportions and downloading resized files. And you can do that for hundreds of photos with very little effort.

As a reviewer from The Photo Brigade wrote, “It’s an intuitive, easy to use program that’s great when you need to mark multiple images. It also allows you multiple options for text placement, effects, and transparency.”

Once your photos are ready, you can set a common size for all images or change the dimensions individually. Then you can upload directly to Google Photos or Flickr. For Google Photos, your pictures can go straight to an existing gallery, or you can set up a new one.

Save on Mass Watermark

Even if you snapped them with your phone, you should be able to keep your photos safe. Protect your work with a custom watermark without needing to manually add it to every single image.

Watermark multiple photos with just a few clicks by getting this Mass Watermark lifetime subscription, on sale now for $9.99 (regularly $30).

Prices subject to change.