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Crank out a fantastic thesis in a flash with this top-rated Mac app


This top-rated app makes writing your thesis a breeze - and it’s less than $20 right now.
This thesis writing app is a must-have for students and costs less than $20.
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Enjoyable thesis writing: For many students, it may sound like an oxymoron. But using a great app that eliminates the fuss around writing and editing papers can be key to making the whole process quick and painless.

MonsterWriter is one of the best-reviewed Mac writing apps out there. And right now, you can purchase a lifetime license on sale for just $19.99 (regularly $34).

Recover deleted photos on Mac with these easy steps


When photos and other files go missing on your Mac, you need Recoverit.
When photos go missing on your Mac, you might need a tool like Recoverit.
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This post on deleted photo recovery is brought to you by Wondershare.

From an average Joe to a professional photographer, many users store pictures on their MacBooks or iMacs. Due to its high reliability and faster speed, macOS is a great option for saving digital pictures or videos. Unfortunately, accidental deletion is also a common incident for Mac users.

Due to a wide variety of reasons, people can delete or lose important pictures permanently. If you’re stuck in a similar situation, we’re here to help. In today’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at how to recover permanently deleted photos on Mac.

iPhone stuck on the Apple logo? Fix it with Dr.Fone.


Is you iPhone stuck in a boot-loop? Dr. Fone can help.
Is your iPhone stuck in a boot loop? Dr.Fone can help.
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This iOS system repair post is presented by Wondershare, maker of Dr.Fone.

Apple devices like iPhones have great reputations for reliability, but nothing’s perfect. And if you find your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo while booting up — often called a “boot loop” — what to do about it can be a real head-scratcher.

Fortunately, there is software designed to help fix that and other problems. One such option is Dr.Fone from Wondershare.

Every book is a page-turner when you’re a speed reader, and this Mac app could make you one


Become a speed reader with this training app.
Race to the finish line with this speed reader training app.
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Between long emails, intensely meticulous meeting notes, research materials and everything else that requires your eyes on a page, how much time do you spend reading every day? There’s no convenient summary of your co-worker’s memo online, so you can’t exactly skip the reading you’re required to do — but you might be able to make it pass faster.

With ZapReader, you can train to become a speed reader and learn to race through text using helpful software and instruction from experts. Right now, you can snatch up a lifetime subscription to ZapReader on sale for $39.99 (regularly $499).

iPhone stuck in boot loop? Fix that and other problems with iToolab FixGo.


iToolab FixGo can help you solve several different problems.
FixGo can solve all kinds of iPhone problems, including the dreaded boot loop.
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This post on iPhone boot loops is brought to you by iToolab FixGo.

iPhones are justifiably well-known for reliability, but problems can come up. Sometimes malware’s the culprit. Other times a software update doesn’t end well and jams up your handset.

On those rare but incredibly frustrating occasions when your iPhone can’t get past the Apple logo and keeps rebooting — known as getting stuck in a “boot loop” — or freezes up for any reason, iToolab FixGo can help.

The Mac app can fix all kinds of operating-system problems with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader lets you download and convert YouTube to MP3, MP4


iTubeGo is a great tool for downloading videos as MP3 or MP4 files.
iTubeGo is a great tool for downloading videos as MP3 or MP4 files.
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This YouTube download post is brought to you by iTubeGo.

If you like downloading videos and other media from various websites, a great utility to have is iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. With it, you can download YouTube videos, audio, playlists and whole channels quite easily and quickly. And you can easily convert files to other formats, like MP3 and MP4.

We’ll get into more detail below about iTubeGo YouTube Downloader and where you can get it.

Fake your iPhone or iPad GPS location for gaming with iToolab AnyGo


With AnyGo, you can quickly and easily fake the GPS location of your iPhone.
With AnyGo, you can quickly and easily fake the GPS location of your iPhone.
Image: iToolab

This GPS spoofing post is presented by iToolab.

A typical reason people want to “spoof,” or fake, a GPS location shown on a device is to play location-based augmented-reality games like Pokémon Go — without having to do all that walking.

And a highly effective, easy-to-use and affordable tool for changing and controlling your GPS location on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch — anywhere in the world, and for whatever reason — is iToolab AnyGo.

Get all the Mac productivity apps you need in one bundle — for life


Get more out of life with Lunatask's productivity-boosting features.
Get more out of life with Lunatask's productivity-boosting features.
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Productivity apps can definitely help you stay on top of the dizzying array of tasks in the modern world. But when you use a different app for every endeavor, you end up wasting precious time.

All-in-one productivity app Lunatask bundles a to-do list, a notebook, a habit tracker, a Pomodoro timer and a journaling app into one neat hub to keep you focused. And for a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription for only $49 (regularly $180).

Why Twitterrific is the best Twitter client for iOS and iPadOS [Awesome Apps]


Sleek design, power features, no promoted tweets ... what more could you want?
Sleek design, power features, no promoted tweets ... what more could you want?
Image: Joe White/Cult of Mac

Twitter might be going through a turbulent time, but for many of us in the tech community, it remains our de facto town square — a place where we can meet to share our views, opinions and hopes.

Like most of us here at Cult of Mac, I’ve been using Twitter for years. And although I’ve switched between clients more than a handful of times, my favorite Twitter app is Twitterrific.

In fact, I’d even say that Twitterrific is the best Twitter client for iPhone and iPad. Stick around to find out why.

Top TweetDeck for Mac alternatives to ease power users’ pain


TweetDeck for Mac alternatives worth trying out
These TweetDeck for Mac alternatives are worth checking out.
Photo: Rajesh

With Twitter killing off TweetDeck for Mac today, users who didn’t plan ahead might be scrambling for options to manage their feeds.

While TweetDeck will continue to function on the web, many power users prefer a native Mac app. Luckily, you can find several worthy TweetDeck alternatives for Mac users that will help you get a handle on your Twitter obsession.