Cloudflare’s Warp, a free and fast VPN for Mac, enters beta testing


Cloudflare Warp for macOS
Warp for macOS, now in beta, promises a fast and free VPN.
Photo: Cloudflare

Cloudflare on Wednesday began beta testing a macOS version of Warp, its virtual private network currently offered only on iPhone. The VPN encrypts all internet traffic for the Mac it’s installed on, helping to protect the user’s privacy.

VPNs add security, but are often slow. Cloudflare promises its service is fast. And it’s free.

Pixelmator Pro 1.6 update makes choosing colors easier in this Mac image-editing app


Pixelmator Pro 1.6 offers an performance boost, too.
Pixelmator Pro 1.6 replaces the Colors window with a new color picker.
Photo: Pixelmator Team

A fresh update to Pixelmator Pro, an affordable macOS alternative to Photoshop for everyday users, includes an all-new color picker intended to let users choose and manage colors more easily. Plus, version 1.6 also makes it easier to select multiple objects.

The popular Pixelmator for iPad app is also getting its own update soon.

Clean up messy text with this handy Mac writing app [Deals]


TextSoap Mac App
Clean up all the tiny text errors that take up way too much time.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When you work with text from various sources, it’s easy for little errors to slip in. Extra punctuation marks, misspellings, useless characters, miscapitalized letters and similar sneaky slip-ups can make your text look less than professional. And correcting errors can take as long as writing itself.

Highly rated Mac app TextSoap removes unwanted text, fixes carriage returns and sorts out loads of other text-based formatting problems. Grab this time-saving tool now — and a hefty discount — and let it take care of those nasty text artifacts for you.

ConnectionOpen is like Skype for musicians


ConnectionOpen Marshall amp and guitar player
ConnectionOpen lets musicians collaborate over the internet.
Photo: Daniel Chekalov/Unsplash

If you sit in front of an iPad typing up Apple-related how-tos all day long, then working from home is no problem. In fact, it’s simply the next step up from “working from bed.” But for some professions, like musicians, working from home is difficult if not impossible. You might have a home studio, but you still need to get the band together to record them.

Or do you? ConnectionOpen is an app that lets musicians play together over the internet. The wild thing is, it’s a standard plugin for Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools and other audio-editing apps. And now, it’s also available for the iPad.

ViDL is a great free YouTube and video downloader for Mac


movie theater seats vidl
Download almost any video with ViDL.
Photo: Denise Jans/Unsplash

ViDL is a YouTube download app for Mac. It comes from Ole Moritz, developer of the amazing Pythonista and Editorial iOS apps. ViDL is a simple wrapper for the youtube-dl command-line tool, so if you already use that, you don’t need this. But the app is far easier to use than a command-line tools. Plus, it offers a built-in browser, in case you need to log in to a site to get access to the target videos. There’s even a ViDL Safari extension.

Get 9 Mac apps to breathe new life into your machine for just $26 [Deals]


The 2020 Mac Productivity Essentials Bundle
These nine productivity Mac apps will make it easier to work from home.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether your Mac is new or well into its useful life, you can breathe fresh life into it when you add the right apps. This massive bundle from Cult of Mac Deals comes with nine Mac apps, so there’s something for anyone.

The 2020 Mac Productivity Essentials Bundle comes with apps for PDFs, graphics, productivity, VPN protection and more. And you can get them all for just $26 if you use our special promo code.