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Today in Apple history: Logic Pro 7 shows Apple is still serious about creatives


Logic Pro 7 was a great music creation tool for Apple fans.
Logic Pro 7 was a great music creation tool for Apple fans.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

September 29: Today in Apple history: Logic Pro 7 launch shows Apple is still serious about creatives September 29, 2004: Apple debuts Logic Pro 7, its professional music creation and audio production software. The update brings new tools and a streamlined interface in line with other Apple software.

Coming off the success of the iPod and iTunes Music Store, the Logic Pro 7 launch — alongside its stripped-down sibling, Logic Express 7 — serves as a reminder of Apple’s dominance in music tech, for consumers and professionals alike.

Extend your MacBook’s battery for years of use with Energiza Pro


Energiza Pro battery health panel in the Mac menu bar
Energiza Pro gives you full control over your battery health.
Image: appgineers

How can you best save your MacBook battery life for many years of use? Your laptop’s battery is the most likely component to wear out, and one of the biggest problems is keeping it plugged in all the time. Apple offers some built-in controls, but they’re pretty basic and inflexible. Energiza Pro, on the other hand, gives you far more options, extending your MacBook’s battery life for years to come.

It’s the smart battery manager you need to keep your MacBook alive for longer.

Why CleanMyMac X is essential Mac-cleaning software [Awesome Apps]


MacPaw CleanMyMac X update better monitors your Mac's health
CleanMyMac X offers 30-plus tools for keeping your Mac in tip-top condition.
Photo: MacPaw

One piece of software I consider indispensable for keeping my Mac running clean, quick and clear is CleanMyMac X by MacPaw.

CleanMyMac X packs more than 30 tools for keeping your Mac in tip-top condition, but is especially useful for clearing disc space, freeing up RAM, and deleting malware and adware. The latest version has a new, unlimited seven-day free trial, and Cult of Mac readers can get an exclusive 10% discount.

Make your video streams look stellar with FineCam Pro


Take multi-cam footage from any device with FineCam Pro, now only $49.99.
Give your videos a professional gloss with this $49.99 software.
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When you’re video conferencing, well-shot presentations can be a powerful way to sway new clients and impress employers. And despite what you might think, you don’t need a studio full of expensive gear to knock people’s socks off. FineCam Pro is virtual camera software for recording video and video conferencing.

Cult of Mac readers can score lifetime access to FineCam Pro, which works on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android, for only $49.99 (regularly $84) for a limited time.

A lifetime subscription to this password manager costs just $19.97


Ensure your online privacy with help from Sticky Password Premium for only $19.97.
Upgrade your password protection with Labor Day savings on this proven lifetime service.
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No normal human can keep track of the hundreds of complicated passwords required to avoid falling prey to hackers. To keep them all straight, you need a password manager cable of generating complex passwords and storing them securely on all your devices.

If you’re tired of playing Rain Man, this password manager deal is for you. Protect your identity and your bank account with a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium at a surprisingly low price. During our Labor Day Sale, you can get complete coverage for only $19.97 (regularly $199) with no coupon.

WhatsApp becomes true FaceTime rival with new Mac app


WhatsApp for Mac
WhatsApp's native Mac app makes using the messaging service a lot easier.
Photo: WhatsApp

WhatsApp just got a native Mac app that delivers a vastly superior experience than the current Electron-based app. It also supports up to eight people on video calls and 32 on audio calls.

Released Tuesday, WhatsApp’s new native Mac app makes it a better FaceTime alternative, as you can access almost the same set of features across your PC and phone.

Adobe shares tips for students struggling with PDF textbooks


PDF textbooks are better than paper textbooks
Students have better options for textbooks than this.
Photo: cottonbro studio/Pexels

Adobe wants to help students accustomed to old-fashioned paper textbooks get over the transition to PDF textbooks. The company points out that its free reader for the digital format does a lot more than display text and images, and many of these features are ideal for students.

The software developer highlighted five of the benefits of the free Mac application for those going to class with a PDF textbook.

Get Microsoft Office for Mac or PC for just $34.97


Coast into Labor Day with $184 off a lifetime of Microsoft Office.
Save on the world's most popular software suite.
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Whether you work on a Mac or a Windows PC, Microsoft Office offers powerful software that proves essential for many tasks. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint … there’s a reason these apps are so widely known.

If you don’t own a copy of the world’s most popular software suite, you can turn that around today, thanks to our Labor Day sale on a lifetime of Microsoft Office for $34.97. That’s a $185 discount off the regular price!