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iScanner is an iOS scanner with a very particular set of skills


This iOS scanner does it all for $28.
You can scan documents, do math and even measure a room with this incredibly capable app.
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The iScanner app does much more than quickly scan documents and QR codes. It also can measure the area of a room, as well as pulling off unexpected tasks like counting similar objects or solving math problems.

It’s a great tool to have on your iPhone. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to iScanner for just $27.99 (regularly $199) with coupon code DOWNLOADNOW.

A powerful scanning app

First and foremost, iScanner is a scanner. With it, you can quickly create digital copies of homework, paper notes, faxes, books or any other documents you need. One App Store reviewer pointed out that iScanner “scans with auto bordering remarkably fast with quality that seems indistinguishable from what a printer scanner would produce.”

And that’s just one of the little conveniences that come built into iScanner. Once you have your high-quality scan, you can edit it from the app, and add an e-signature or stamps.

Scan your IDs, vaccine cards, QR codes and more

It’s not just traditional paper documentation that iScanner can work with, either. You can create quick scans of your IDs, passport, vaccine cards — anything you want a permanent digital copy of. It also makes quick work of QR codes.

All scans can be saved as a PDF, JPG or TXT file. Once uploaded, you can edit them with color correction, remove noise and otherwise clean up your files in a way most big office scanners won’t let happen. With iScanner and TexTalky, you could turn a print book into a full digital audiobook in no time!

Measure and count objects, or solve math problems

iScanner also can analyze whatever you point your iPhone at. It can count visually similar objects automatically. Or you can use it to measure an object or calculate the area of a room in an instant. That’s great for apartment hunting or on-the-job measurements.

You can even point your iPhone camera at a written or typed math problem and get a solution. (It’ll just be up to you to show your work.)

Save on iScanner

Carry a scanner, a point-and-shoot calculator, a visual ruler and a photo editor in your pocket. Get an iScanner lifetime subscription for iOS on sale for $27.99 with coupon code DOWNLOADNOW.

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