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Get this iOS scanning app, just $40 for life


Get this iOS OCR scanner app while it's only $40 for lifetime access.
Here's how you can get an iOS scanner app for life for only $40.
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Your home office doesn’t have to look like you took an office cubicle and plopped it in your house. Instead, you can get digital equivalents of some essential office hardware. For instance, iScanner is an iOS OCR scanner that lets you scan documents, cards and a few other surprising things.

For a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription to iScanner on sale for only $39.99 (regularly $199).

Digitize your tax docs (and everything else) with this top iPhone scanning app


Save time and space with this on-the-go scanning app for a low price.
Scan all your tax documents with the easy-to-use iScanner app.
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When it comes time to deal with tax season, the amount of required documents can quickly become overwhelming. You can attempt to collect and protect paper printouts in a variety of ways, but the smart move in this modern era is to digitize all your documents. And that can serve as a major shortcut when filing taxes.

You can streamline that process by picking up a discounted lifetime subscription to the highly rated iScanner app. Normally priced at $199, you can get this iPhone app for only $39.99 with no coupon necessary through March 2.

Get lifetime access to the App Store’s No. 1 scanning app


This iOS scanner app can also do math or measure the area of a room.
Score a lifetime subscription to this versatile iOS scanning app at a deep discount.
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Scanners come in handy, but buying one means dropping a hefty sum and wasting space in your home or office. iScanner is a cheaper and more capable solution for scanning documents.

Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to this top-rated iOS scanning app for just $39.99. And you might be surprised how much use you get out of it.

Preserve paper documents with this iOS scanner app and donate to kids in need


iScanner adds a machine-learning powered scanner to your iPhone.
Ditch paper for good with iScanner, the AI-powered scanner app for iPhone.
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If modern life has taught us anything, it’s that the more backups you have, the better off you are, especially if you’re going to school or learning new skills. The iScanner app for iOS makes it easy to back up anything on paper as a digital file, making it easy to edit and share.

Transform your iPhone into a full-featured document scanner


Turn your iPhone into your own personal scanner with this app.
Whether you want to scan documents or run complex calculations, your iPhone can do it all with this app.
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Sometimes it feels as though office equipment can sense when you’re in a hurry. You need a digital copy of a document, and your scanner picks that time to scan only a quarter page or reduce your print’s shading to the point that it looks like a ghost.

When you need a high-quality scan, fussing with hardware is probably the last thing you want to deal with. But what if you could scan documents using your iPhone? iScanner does just that, turning your trusty smartphone into a full-featured document scanner that’s easy to use and produces crystal-clear results.

Plus, lifetime iScanner subscriptions are available for just $39.99 (regularly $199) for a limited time.

iScanner is an iOS scanner with a very particular set of skills


This iOS scanner does it all for $28.
You can scan documents, do math and even measure a room with this incredibly capable app.
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The iScanner app does much more than quickly scan documents and QR codes. It also can measure the area of a room, as well as pulling off unexpected tasks like counting similar objects or solving math problems.

It’s a great tool to have on your iPhone. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to iScanner for just $27.99 (regularly $199) with coupon code DOWNLOADNOW.

Horrible at organization, I finally got a handle on my business with this scanning app


Horrible at organization, I was finally got a handle on my business admin with this tool.
This tool helped me clean up my mess of a business.
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By Mike Goodman

I’m confident in my ability to sell delicious snacks. Before the pandemic, I was an unhappy line cook working at a chain restaurant in a big city. When things closed down, I was honestly relieved to take a break from the sweaty kitchen and monotony. And, after taking some time to reflect on the world and what was going down, I started to get my energy back and decided to revisit my passion.

As it turns out, exploring your passion comes with some chaos. But as they say, there’s an app for that — and the one that made a world of difference for me, believe it or not, is a $40 scanning app for iPhone and iPad.

Free Adobe Scan app will be your paper pusher


Adobe Scan can handle piles of paper.
Adobe Scan can handle piles of paper.
Photo: Adobe

Your iPhone is loaded with plenty of mind-numbing games or picturing editing apps that let you superimpose unicorn horns on your selfies.

You need to make room for a few unsung task managers. Adobe today launched one to help us sort through one of life’s least pleasant realities – paperwork.

Week’s best Apple deals: Apple Watch for $49, MacBook Pro for $999


Apple Watch deal
It's the best deal yet on Apple Watch (but there's a catch).
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It’s the cheapest Apple Watch we’ve ever seen by far … you just have to buy an iPhone to get the astonishing $49 price tag. That screaming deal, a great student discount on a MacBook Pro, and more are in this week’s roundup of the best Apple bargains.