Keep hydrogen peroxide away from your Apple devices


Do not clean or disinfect your iPhone with hydrogen peroxide
Don’t combine your iPhone and hydrogen peroxide.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple recently added hydrogen peroxide to the list of cleansers not to use on its products. The chemical is often employed to disinfect surfaces, but it’s not recommended for wiping down your iPhone, Mac or iPad. Or your Apple peripherals, either.

The warning comes as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on.

Keep Apple devices away from hydrogen peroxide

The official support page on how to clean your Apple products contains a section on disinfectants. It now says, “Don’t use products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide.” Before the recent update, the page advised against using bleach — the warning about hydrogen peroxide is new.

The admonitions could be related. Anyone familiar with hydrogen peroxide will tell you it’s also a bleaching agent.

How to disinfect your iPhone and Apple products

The Apple support document provides a lengthy list of dos and don’ts on cleaning your iPhone, Mac, iPad and peripherals.

Basic tips include not getting the devices too wet, keeping liquids away from ports, etc. You also should not spray cleaners directly onto your Apple gear. Always be sure to unplug your devices before cleaning them. And use a soft cloth to clean devices, not paper towels.

Be sure to check out Cult of Mac’s guide to how to disinfect your germ-covered iPhone, Mac, etc., for more info.