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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: OnLive Viewer, Blueprint, Flud & More!



One of our must-have iOS apps this week is the free OnLive Viewer that gives you a window in to on-demand, instant-play video games through the OnLive game service. Become a spectator and watch hundreds on games being played live throughout the world.

Facebook Browser for iPhone also makes our must-have list this week and provides a refreshing new way to experience Facebook on your iPhone, with a simplistic, elegant user interface.

Also among our favorites this week is Blueprint – a powerful application for iOS developers that enables you to easily plan and create stunning user interfaces for your applications.

Check out the rest of this week’s must-have iOS apps after the break!

OnLive Viewer(Free) iPad – Entertainment

The free OnLive Viewer lets you spectate hundreds of games being played throughout the world through the OnLive Arena. Watch live gameplay, pick up tips and learn new strategies; view ‘Brag Clips’ and rate your favorite videos; watch trailers for upcoming games; and make friends by adding your favorite players, cheering on their gameplay, and sending them a message. It’s just like watching TV, but every channel features a different gameplay.

Facebook Browser for iPhone($1.99) iPhone – Social Networking

Experience a whole new Facebook on your iPhone with this elegant, easy to use Facebook browser. It’s full of great features that enable you to read and comment on your newsfeed, read & write messages to & from your friends, update your status, view photos in fullscreen, view and respond to events, and keep up with your notifications. Facebook Browser for iPhone is a great replacement for the official app, and many more features are expected soon.

Blueprint($9.99) iPad – Productivity

Blueprint is a powerful application for iOS developers that helps you to create great user interfaces for your applications. It features many predesigned widgets, including built-in iOS views, controls, and buttons. With just a few taps, drags, and drops, you can make excellent UI screens that will ensure your application looks great. It’s packed full of options and properties that let you design the perfect UI.

Flud Mobile(Free) iPhone – News

Flud Mobile is a modern, personalized news ecosystem that empowers its users to engage and broadcast relevant content to their social networks. Access up to 25 chosen news feeds at any time, read your news offline without an internet connection, use the built-in web browser to access websites from within the application, and take advantage of Flud’s intuitive user interface. A great way to stay on top of the news on your iPhone.