Jay Z has pulled his Blueprint albums from Apple Music


Jay Z
Jay's trying a takeover (the break's over.)
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Rapper and Tidal entrepreneur Apple Jay Z has taken the step of removing his Blueprint albums from the majority of non-Tidal music services, including Apple Music and iTunes.

The disappearance also covers other services including Google Play, Rhapsody, Amazon, and Spotify. A notable exception is Pandora, where the albums are still available.

These Are The Complete Blueprints For The iPhone 5 [Image]



The only people that really need to know all of the iPhone 5’s dimensions down to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter are case manufacturers, and rabid fanboys that can’t devour enough Apple knowledge. Apple posted the blueprints for the iPhone 5 in the developer center, but for some reason they can be accessed by anyone even if you don’t have an account.

The full high-res blueprints show crazy small details, like the degree of the proximity cone for the camera, and the difference in thickness between the antenna band and the display screen. It’s everything you’d need to know to make your own iPhone 5 case. To access the entire high-res blueprint PDF you can click here.


Source: Apple Developer Center

Via: Joel Johnson



Leaked Blueprints For New iPhone Support Recent Front & Back Panel Leaks


Could this be your next iPhone?
Could this be your next iPhone?

This time last week we had very little idea of what the new iPhone may look like. Sure, we had rumors and claims that gave us something to go on, but none of them were supported by any evidence. But in the space of just a few days, we’ve seen several front and back panels from a number of different sources, which have today been backed up by what is purported to be a leaked blueprint for the next-generation iPhone.

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