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Improve your grammar and writing with machine learning


Gain access to a suite of web-based tools for improving your writing quality, for emails, reports, and anywhere else words are involved.
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Becoming a better writer requires feedback. But not everyone has room in their life for writing workshops and deep dives into literature. If you want to improve your writing quickly and easily, you need this web-based tool that uses machine learning to polish your prose.

WhiteSmoke is a writing app that provides advanced grammar, spelling, punctuation and style correction. Additionally, it’s a translation tool for more than 50 languages.

The secret sauce is the natural language processing and statistical machine translation built into WhiteSmoke. The advanced software not only corrects simple errors, but also improves the style, tone and clarity in your writing. It works in any browser, too, so you can use it on any device.

WhiteSmoke detects and corrects all the typical writing problems like typos, grammar mistakes, verb-tense errors and capitalization problems. But it also boosts your writing in more-subtle ways. It identifies shaky sentence structures, and flags things like repetitiveness and other no-nos that make your writing dull.

It works on emails, reports and other documents. The premium plan adds features like plagiarism checks, while the professional plan adds licenses for up to three devices.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker web plan for $39.99. You can also get the premium plan for $59.99, or get the business plan for $99.99. That’s 92% off the usual price.