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What to expect from the iPhone 15 series: USB-C, titanium and more [Updated]


What to expect from the redesigned, faster iPhone 15
The iPhone 15 series is only a days away, but you don't have to wait for the details.
Image: Cult of Mac
Wonderlust 2023

Apple will launch the iPhone 15 on September 12 at the Wonderlust event, but you don’t have to wait — leaks have revealed plenty of details already. This year’s models will allegedly be faster in multiple ways, plus there’ll be design changes, including USB-C and the Dynamic Island for everyone.

Here’s everything we’re expected from Apple’s new-for-2023 iPhone lineup.

$100-plus price increase predicted for iPhone 15 Pro models


iPhone 15 Pro Max price might increase
The iPhone 15 Pro models might cost noticeably more than the two basic ones.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The price of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will jump by at least $100, if an unconfirmed report coming out of Asia is correct. The increase could go as high as $200.

This is the latest in a series of predictions that the cost of the two top-tier iPhones coming this autumn will increase.

Display problems could leave iPhone 15 Pro Max in short supply


Mockup of iPhone 15
You might want to order your iPhone 15 Pro Max on day one if you don’t want a long wait.
Photo: Mockup Cloud

A standout feature of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is reportedly causing assembly problems. The high-end models Apple will launch in autumn 2023 are expected to have the thinnest screen bezels of any handset, but that’s apparently making the panels harder than usual to produce.

If true, this could lower the supply of the iOS devices when they launch.

iPhone 15 Pro’s rumored solid-state buttons reportedly shelved


Leaked CAD images show iPhone 15 Pro mute button could prove problematic
iPhone 15 Pro will have regular, physical buttons.
Image: chenwen1987

Apple may not ship the iPhone 15 Pro series with the rumored unified solid-state capacitive buttons. TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple abandoned the plan due to “unresolved technical issues.”

Previously, multiple rumors indicated Apple would replace the physical buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro with capacitive keys. The design also would have added two new Taptic Engines to simulate the feeling of pressing physical buttons.

Apple could optimize MFi USB-C power bricks to fast-charge iPhone 15


iPhone 15 already in trial production
iPhone 15 may force you to spend money on a USB-C charger.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac/Pixabay/Pexels

Apple could optimize the fast-charging performance of MFi-certified USB-C power bricks for the iPhone 15. The company is expected to ditch the Lightning connector and transition to USB-C on its 2023 iPhone lineup.

Due to this change, Apple reportedly expects a strong demand boost for its 20W USB-C charger.

iPhone 15 Pro Max could boast crazy-thin screen bezels


iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept
One way to fit a larger display into a iPhone without increasing the overall size is reduce the screen bezels.
Concept: Antonio De Rosa/ADR Studio

The largest version of the iPhone 15 reportedly will come with the smallest screen bezels. Like, record-breaking thin.

An Apple tipster says the black area around the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s display will measure a mere 1.55 millimeters.

iPhone 15 Pro periscope camera looks increasingly likely


iPhone 12 Pro series include cameras tat support ProRAW
A radical change on the camera could allow the iPhone 15 Pro to take significantly better telephoto pictures than its predecessors.
Photo: Apple

The telephoto lens in the iPhone 15 Pro will get a noticeable jump in image quality if a series of leaks about a periscope lens turn out to be accurate.

The change should also shink the thickness of the camera hump.

iPhone 15 Pro will not have actual, physical buttons. Really.


iPhone 15 Pro will not have actual, physical buttons. Really.
Apple might be about to give old-fashioned buttons the heave-ho.
Photo: Apple

Apple is reportedly phasing out traditional buttons, starting with the iPhone 15 Pro models. The handsets will still seem to have them, but it’ll be a high-tech trick performed with haptic feedback.

The change should make the iOS devices more durable and waterproof.