iPhone 12 dummy vids and packaging leak get us stoked for the future


These iPhone 12 dummy units show what the real handset might look like.
As these iPhone 12 dummy units show, Apple’s 2020 handset is expected in a wide range of sizes.
Photo: Marques Brownlee

iPhone 12 dummy models supposedly show how this upcoming handset will look in various sizes. Reliable leaker Marques Brownlee got his hands on some, and videoed them in action.

Meanwhile, a separate report claims to show the packaging of the iPhone 12, adding weight to rumors that this handset won’t come with a wall charger.

Apple survey is latest hint that iPhone 12 might not come with charger


Does anyone really need another iPhone charger?
Many iPhone users already have multiple wall chargers, some still in the wrapping. The iPhone 12 might not include one.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Adding weight to recent reports that the iPhone 12 will ship without a charger in the box, Apple supposedly sent a survey to someone who recently traded in a handset to ask if he’s still using the wall charger. The responses from him and others could help the company decide whether it should leave out this accessory.

An iPhone running macOS apps could be all the computer you need [Opinion]


An iPhone running Mac apps could replace a Mac mini
An iPhone capable of running macOS software on an external display would be a game changer.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Macs will soon use Apple Silicon, the same type of proprietary processors found in iPhones. And an unconfirmed report indicates that Apple is exploring ways to let iPhones run Mac apps on an external display.

If true, an iOS handset could be all the computer many consumers need. They’d never have to buy a Mac again.

Stunning concept video brings iPhone 12 rumors to life


iPhone 12 rumors mix in this concept video.
The real iPhone 12 ads could look much like this concept video.
Screenshot: ConceptsiPhone

A new concept video beautifully combines iPhone 12 rumors into a three-minute ballet of tech. Done in the same style as Apple advertisements, it offers an early glimpse of what the real ads might look like when the 2020 iPhone models arrive this fall.

Watch it now:

Production begins this month on A14 chip for 5G iPhone 12


Apple A14 processor
Expect great things from the Apple A14 processor.
CGI: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 12 will take a giant step closer to reality when TSMC begins producing the Apple A14 processor later this month, according to an unconfirmed report coming out of Asia on Friday. This reportedly will be the first A-series chip made with a 5-nanometer process, which should bring an increase in performance while improving battery life.

The A14 will supposedly use Qualcomm’s X60 modem, potentially giving it access to every type of 5G network.

iOS 13.6 beta confirms that iPhones will work as car keys


iPhone car key feature is a rumor no more.
No room for doubt. iOS 13.6 Beta 2 flat out says Apple Wallet is getting virtual car keys.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple inadvertently confirmed rumors that iPhones will soon function as car keys. Buried in the privacy information for Apple Wallet in the iOS 13.6 Beta is a lengthy description of the upcoming feature.

Called “Adding and Managing Car Keys,” the verbiage details how wireless keys can be added to Wallet and how they can be shared.

iPhone 12 production starts in July


This iPhone 12 concept reflects all the latest rumors.
Assembly of the iPhone 12 might still be right around the corner.
Photo: svetapple.sk

The iPhone 12 series will reportedly start being assembled in July. Apple’s top-tier 2020 handsets are waiting on final testing.

What’s not clear how this information, supposedly coming from sources in Apple’s Asian supply chain, fits with various earlier rumors that the next-generation iPhone won’t debut until October. The company typically launches new models in September.

Sketchy report claims recording iPhone calls will be built into iOS 14


recording iPhone calls in iOS 14 is easy
It might be as easy as flipping a switch to start recording iPhone calls with iOS 14. Maybe.
Photo: IT Home/Cult of Mac

Recording phone and FaceTime calls with iPhones running iOS 14 could be as easy as flipping a switch, if an unconfirmed report is correct. It’ll supposedly be up to users to do so legally.

That said, the source for this info is a bit questionable.