Sanitize your phone, keys and more with UV light [Deals]


UV Shield
Use UV light to kill most common bacteria and viruses on your phone, keys, glasses, and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

With everything else going on the world, there is still a global pandemic. So now is not the time to stop being careful about viruses and germs. That makes this powerful, microbe-killing UV station a great way to minimize exposure to risky bugs.

Phones, keys, glasses, everything we touch on a daily basis becomes a vector for potentially dangerous pathogens. So along with regular hand washing and wearing masks, disinfecting your things is also an essential way to stop the spread. The UVShield+ provides a 360-degree bath in UV-C light for your devices and other hand-held objects. A set of raised feet holds up the object to be sanitized, and two UV light sources make sure every surface is exposed. Clean your keys, phone, glasses, remote control, and more, in just 3 minutes.

Buy now: Get s UVSHIELD+ 360° Phone Sanitizer Box for $49.99. That’s 28% off the usual price.