This wireless charger will disinfect your iPhone [Review]


The Mophie UV Sanitizer With Wireless Charging can blast your iPhone with germ-killing ultraviolet light.
This wireless charger can blast your iPhone with germ-killing ultraviolet light.
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With a recent study showing the virus that causes COVID-19 can live up to 28 days on glass and stainless steel, it might be time to double down on your disinfectant efforts. Remind me again what iPhones are made of … oh, yeah, glass and metal. Yikes!

One easy way to sanitize your iPhone and other small items is to use a device like the Mophie UV Sanitizer with a built-in wireless charger. While the company doesn’t specifically claim that the device kills COVID-19 dead, another recent study showed definitively that ultraviolet light can kill the potentially deadly virus.

At some point, “better safe than sorry” comes into play.

Use UV light to keep your phone disinfected [Deals]


UV Ozone
Up to 99.9% effective, this device uses dual-band UV lamps to disinfect your phone within minutes.
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Germs are a major concern these days, so it’s important to stay vigilant. That’s especially true of one of the biggest vectors for germs in daily life: our phones. This sleek, simple desk accessory makes keeping your mobile device germ-free.

Sanitize your phone, keys and more with UV light [Deals]


UV Shield
Use UV light to kill most common bacteria and viruses on your phone, keys, glasses, and more.
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With everything else going on the world, there is still a global pandemic. So now is not the time to stop being careful about viruses and germs. That makes this powerful, microbe-killing UV station a great way to minimize exposure to risky bugs.

Get more from your iPhone with 4 useful accessories [Deals]


iPhone Main
Protect, sanitize, charge, and get more enjoyment out of your phone with these four accessories.
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You can instantly level up your iPhone game with any one of these four great iPhone accessories. Plus, you’ll save as much as 80% on these hot deals.

Come for the noise-canceling headphones and portable UV sanitizer, stay for the solar-powered power bank and lifetime VPN subscription!

This 3-in-1 UV sterilizer cleans and charges your devices (and makes ’em smell good, too) [Deals]


3-in-1 UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charger
Sanitize and wirelessly charge your phone while also leaving it smelling better, all with one device.
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Our phones are major vectors for bacteria and, yes, viruses. So keeping a clean phone means being less likely to get yourself (and therefore others) sick. That makes this 3-in-1 sterilizer, charger and aromatherapy atomizer a must-have accessory.

Disinfect your surroundings with the power of UV light [Deals]


Mini UV Light
Scan and sanitize almost anything in second, no toxic, smelly chemicals required.
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Suddenly we’re all a lot more conscious of germs, and with good reason. They’re everywhere, so even under normal situations it’s important to take measures to keep surfaces sanitary. Luckily, that doesn’t have to involve lots of toxic, smelly chemicals, thanks to the disinfectant power of UV light.

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Sanitizing Roundup
We've rounded up four handy tools for keeping bacteria and viruses at bay.
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Many of us have been learning the hard way just how lacking our sanitary standards are. We should be trying to keep germs at bay no matter what, but sanitation proves especially essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. To make that daunting task easier, we rounded up four tools for keeping devices, homes, offices and everyday items free of microbes.

Keep your phone germ-free with UV light [Deals]


UV Shield Portable Smart Phone Sanitizer
Eliminate harmful bacteria in minutes by UV-sanitizing your phone and other portable items.
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We’re all thinking about germs a lot these days. But even so, you might not realize that your phone is a prime vector for viruses and other bugs.

Remember: Anything your hands touch, your screen touches, too. This ultraviolet sanitizer offers an easy way to instantly keep your phone and other gear germ-free.