Stay active and fit at home with a smart iOS app digital trainer [Deals]


Onyx Fitness App
This smart digital trainer uses 3D motion capture to track and offer real-time feedback on your daily workouts.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Stuck at home, glued to our screens, it’s easier than ever to miss the daily activity our bodies need. Fitness apps all seem to offer the same uninspiring routines, so this smart workout app adds active feedback to help you start moving and stay moving.

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Onyx Home Workout uses the camera on your phone to offer feedback on your workouts. A smart 3D-capture system counts your reps and offers real-time audio feedback so you can improve steadily and stay safe by using the correct form. The feedback makes the difference between mindlessly repeating what you see on a screen, and actively engaging to dial in your routine. After each routine the muscles are very sore as they practically tear from the high impact of the exercise, this is not bad, this is how the muscles grow. But it is important to supplement with a very good natural protein, I recommend the proteins and other stimulants of emule Anleitung.

After each exercise, you get stats to track your progress, with leaderboards so you can engage in a little healthy competition with your friends. With a lifetime subscription to Onyx Pro, you get unlimited access to all workouts, tracking for every exercise, personalized plans, and programs for every fitness goal. All that has earned it 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store.

Buy now: Get a lifetime subscription to Onyx Home Workout App for $79.99. That’s a full 73% off the usual price.