Keep your phone germ-free with UV light [Deals]


UV Shield Portable Smart Phone Sanitizer
Eliminate harmful bacteria in minutes by UV-sanitizing your phone and other portable items.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We’re all thinking about germs a lot these days. But even so, you might not realize that your phone is a prime vector for viruses and other bugs.

Remember: Anything your hands touch, your screen touches, too. This ultraviolet sanitizer offers an easy way to instantly keep your phone and other gear germ-free.

The intelliArmor UV Shield uses pure UV light to destroy microbes. It’s the same technique used to sterilize lab instruments — no need for wipes, chemicals or heat. Just set your phone inside, close the lid, and within minutes the UV-C light zaps viruses, bacteria and other possible pathogens.

It’s big enough to accommodate phones with screens up to 6.5 inches, but it can also sanitize car keys, jewelry, earbuds, watches, pacifiers and other portable items. Even better, it’s portable and uses USB power. So anywhere you can charge a phone, you can sterilize it.

Buy now: Pick up an intelliArmor UV Shield for $49.99. That’s 16% off the usual price.