Keep digital distractions at bay to stay productive [Deals]


Focus App
Block out distracting websites and apps to create the optimal work environment in one click.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Macs are powerful tools, but they’re also weapons of mass distraction. It’s just so easy to endlessly scroll Twitter or putz around on Fortnite instead of working. This app will help you stay on task and productive.

Focus is a distraction blocker that can help you protect your productivity. It sits right up in the menu bar, so you can blacklist distracting websites, domains and apps in one click. The three tiers (Unlimited, Professional and Productivity) add various management tools, like unlimited website blocking, timer mode, pomodoro mode and others tools for personalized timing.

You know your work habits best, so Focus comes highly customizable, with tools for scheduling, password protection, usage stats — even BASH scripting support and more. Overall, it’ll help make your Mac a sharper tool for productivity.

Buy now: Get Focus for Mac: Unlimited Plan for $29.99. That’s 76% off the usual prices. Or get the Professional Plan for $19.99 and Productivity Plan for $9.99.