Amplify your reading comprehension with this powerful iOS app


This tool allows you to read and annotate web pages more productively
This tool allows you to read and annotate web pages more productively.
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Whether you’re a student plowing through tons of online material for school, or just constantly have massive amounts of reading for work, don’t let important information slip past you and affect your performance. Become your most productive self with this lifetime subscription to Markup iOS Pro Lite, a tool for reading and annotating web pages and PDF documents.

9 great Mac apps that will make you more productive, all on sale right now


We've rounded up 9 of the best productivity Mac Apps all on sale
Get the most out of your Mac with these heavily discounted apps.
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Your Mac is more customizable than you might think. These innovative apps will open a world of new features and control. And even better, they’re all on sale right now, with discounts of up to 93% off. There’s never been a better time to take control of your Mac.

Boost your productivity with a pair of powerhouse apps


Hyper Plan Pro
This pair of data-crunching apps will boost your productivity and streamline your workflow.
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You’re not alone. It’s extra-hard to get things done these days. Staring at data-heavy spreadsheets is especially difficult when the news feed beckons.

If you’re having trouble keeping your eye on the ball, these two great productivity-boosting Mac apps can give you an edge — even in the face of monumental distraction. (They work with Windows, too.)

Simplify electronic signing on any device with this handy app


Trusted by major companies, simplify your electronic signing process, sign documents and get signatures on any device.
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More than ever, business is conducted in the digital realm. That includes things as fundamental as signing documents, which can prove surprisingly tricky. Luckily, this handy app makes that often legally binding process as secure and simple as possible.

Apps to boost your work-from-home productivity


App icons for TickTick toggle outlook and dayone
It only takes a few key tools to make working remotely much more manageable.
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COVID-19 lockdown certainly brought a swift change from the norm for many people. We’re dealing with the added stress of different working situations, the struggle to get groceries, and in many cases, even acting as teachers or child care providers.

All of that can make it really challenging to feel accomplished and productive. Luckily, I finally found my groove in the last week or so, thanks to a couple of really useful apps (and some self-imposed rules).

Become a Google apps wizard with a mastery of scripts [Deals]


Take your business's online integration to a whole new level with 56 hours of lessons in Google scripts, apps, projects and tips -- source code included.
Take your business's online integration to a whole new level with 56 hours of lessons in Google scripts, apps and projects -- source code included.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Google apps like Docs, Spreadsheets and Calendar are super-convenient services. But with the Google Apps Scripts platform, you can string them together so that they become the basis of powerful custom applications. This bundle of courses will teach you how to do it.

Take control of your daily and life goals with this app [Deals]


Goals App
Turn your goals into easily attainable tasks with this distraction-free habit tracker.
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Staying on task can be hard under the best of circumstances. But when you’re stuck at home due to the coronavirus lockdown (or some other stressful situation), it gets even more difficult. If you’re having trouble sticking to your goals, this handy habit-tracking can help — and a lifetime subscription is on sale now for 50% off.

Pick up deeply discounted Mac and iPhone apps for Presidents Day [Deals]


Apps Software Sale
Score massive Presidents Day discounts on awesome apps for iOS and Mac.
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This Presidents Day, instead of thinking about presidents, why not upgrade the apps in your iOS and Mac devices? We’ve rounded up some awesome deals on great software, from half off to as much as 94% off of VPNs, website builders, task managers and more.